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‘Anxiety be going crazy’: Worker with 2 work-from-home jobs shares what it’s like to receive Teams calls from both at same time

‘Somebody is gonna be on mute lol.’


Angela Littlefield


Remote work has become the norm for many since the COVID-19 Pandemic, but the steady rise in inflation and the cost of living has caused some people to take on multiple work-from-home jobs

@calirowe Anxiety be going CRAZY! #wfh #wfhproblems #wfhhacks #workfromhome #remotework #remotejobs #wfhjobs ♬ Follow fletcherc29 – Fletcher

A TikToker named Cali (@calirowe), who describes herself as a work-from-home “advisor” in her Linktree, posted a viral video showcasing herself getting called into simultaneous Teams meetings by both of her work-from-home employers. 

“When you work 2 WFH jobs on the same shift and they both want to video call with you on Teams at the same time,” Cali wrote in a text overlay. 

She used audio from late rapper Pop Smoke’s popular hit “Welcome To The Party” to highlight the situation’s intensity. As the rapper repeatedly said, “Wait,” Cali turned her head back and forth, thinking about what she would do.

The TikToker decided to message “BRB restroom” to one of her employers to wean them off. After averting the crisis, she mimed wiping sweat off her brow as Smoke breathed a sigh of relief.

In the video’s caption, Cali added more detail about how she felt in the moment. “Anxiety be going CRAZY!” she wrote. 

The video garnered over 58,000 views as of May 18. In the comments section, viewers shared their own work-from-home tips on how the TikToker can handle the situation in the future.

“You gotta turn the captions + transcript on so you can read what’s being discussed quickly,” one viewer suggested. 

“I say my internet isn’t working so I had to restart my computer,” another shared. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Cali via email for further information.

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