Customer catches Target secretly marking item as ‘on sale.' It’s original price was much cheaper

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‘I just saved $5 on my Flonase’: Target customer shares secret price-match hack

'As a target employee this is true'


Melody Heald


Posted on Dec 2, 2023   Updated on Dec 2, 2023, 9:26 pm CST

TikTok loves ways to save money and this Target customer has you covered, revealing how to save money by price-matching at different Target locations. 

The video featured TikTok user Devriebrynn (@devriebrynn), who previously went viral for “getting the most bang for her buck” on Starbucks free drinks. The content creator recently moved to New York City and divulged a hack for living in an expensive city. “Target will price match other Targets,” she told her 810,000 followers. Then, she provided step-by-step instructions.

First, you search on Google for the “cheapest Target in the country.” Next, you go into the app and make that Target your “home” Target. “Then, you go shopping in your big city where they’re gonna charge you an arm and leg and your firstborn to just live there,” she explained. 

While shopping, you look up the items in the app and screenshot the difference in price at that Target. Once you’ve finished shopping, you go to the register and ask about price matching. During the transaction, you show the cashier the screenshots of the different prices, and viola. “I just saved $5 on my Flonase,” she stated. Devriebrynn ended the video by stating how New York City price gouging and allergies won’t bring her down.


@devriebrynn TARGET GIRLS EVERYWHERE DESERVE TO KEEP THEIR MONEY!!! #targetcouponing #nycforfree #targethack ♬ original sound – Devriebrynn

The Daily Dot reached out to Devriebrynn via TikTok comment and contact form. The video amassed 1.7 million views and viewers appreciated the hack.

“BLESS YOU FOR THIS HACK!!! Also btw, check out Lidl in Harlem. Cheapest grocer I’ve found in Manhattan. Worth the trip even if you don’t live close,” one viewer wrote.

“Wait I’ve lived in NY for 5 years and didn’t know this I’m both enraged and grateful. Also can we be friends?” a second user stated.

Even an alleged Target worker confirmed this. “As a target employee this is true. But you do have to price match every SINGLE item (meaning in order to do this you have to literally scan everything),” they wrote.

In addition, other users provided some helpful tips.

“PSA: if you do drive up/order pick up, add to cart while set to a cheaper store and just change the store from your cart, it doesn’t update the price,” one user shared.

“You could just set it as your Home target in the app and scan the barcode at the cash register instead of having to screenshot. 4th year doing it,” a second added.

Moreover, Target’s website verified this claim. Its website reads, “We match prices on in-store purchases and in-store prices for purchases. In-store price matches from other Target stores are excluded. When price matching with the Target app, the Target app must be showing the price of the current store location.”

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*First Published: Dec 2, 2023, 9:30 pm CST