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‘My target runs might turn into Walmart runs’: Target customer times how long it takes a worker to come to locked section after calling for help

‘As a target worker its so annoying having to open the cabinets.’


Braden Bjella


In recent years, an increasing number of stores have heightened security measures to prevent people from shoplifting. 

There is currently no solid, independent data to support the idea that shoplifting rates are growing significantly. While retailers have claimed that “organized retail theft” is increasing, they do not provide credible evidence for such claims—and “shrinkage,” a term used to describe all losses a store incurs (including shoplifting), has remained largely consistent over the past decade.

Still, that has not stopped retailers from putting in place measures to stop visitors from taking items without paying. This can include putting items behind glass or even locking up specific items like steak.

Now, one user on TikTok has sparked discussion after showing what shopping at one of these locked-up stores looks like.

In her video, TikTok user Ximena (@ximenamsalinas) shows herself outside of a locked case at Target.

“We just scanned the sensor, and let’s time how long it takes them to get here,” Ximena says.

In the end, it takes around 2 minutes—faster than the TikToker anticipated, but still slower than open shelves.

@ximenamsalinas How fast do Target employees help you with the new locked cases. This vlog wasnoutside of my “regular” content but it was fun. #target #targetlockedcases #targetlocked #vlog #dayinthelifevlog #primas #targetrun #latinacreator #microlatinacreator #mexicanlebanese @VivanailsLA @Melanie L Montt ♬ original sound – Ximena | Lifestyle Creator 🪩✨

The TikToker then talks to one of the employees, asking them for their opinion on having items locked up.

“It’s only annoying, honestly, when it gets really busy,” the employee says. “That’s just because it’s understaffed sometimes, and there’s always just, like, one person. So when it gets busy, it’s just like, running to ‘formula’ and then running to ‘detergent.’”

Although Ximena received service relatively quickly, others in comments say they weren’t so lucky.

“I waited about 20 minutes and nobody ever came so I just left lol,” wrote a user. “I needed deodorant thank god I wasn’t in a hurry.”

Others simply complained about the system.

“It stresses me out, I understand they’re trying to prevent theft but it’s so crazy to lock up $2 toothpaste,” said a commenter. “I have to go buy mouthwash tomorrow and I’m dreading it. I always just want to go in and out of whatever establishment i’m in, not wait and ask to unlock something.”

“As a target worker its so annoying having to open the cabinets cuz it hurts like hell and when its busy it gets stressful,” offered a second. “at my store that department is understaffed and they put cashiers there for full shifts opening the cabinets and all my coworkers hate it.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Ximena and Target via email.

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