man at walmart with locked up steaks and caption 'stop stealing people'

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‘The one walmart in my area has shirts and boxers locked behind glass’: Walmart shopper finds all the steaks ‘locked up’

‘It’s hard times.’


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A Walmart customer was alarmed to find what he described as “steaks locked up,” and implored people to “stop stealing” in reaction.

The video comes from Las Vegas-based creator Kenneth BossHogg Jam (@bosshogg665). The TikTok has been viewed more than 747,000 views since Friday. In it, he’s shopping for food when he comes upon steaks wrapped up with security tags.

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“They got motherf*cking steaks … they got f*cking steaks locked up!” he observed. “You see this sh*t?”

Then, he repeated, “They got steaks locked up … what the …”

That led to a “C’mon, man,” followed by an appeal, “Stop stealing, people!

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to Walmart via email.

Commenters reacted intensely.

One commenter opined, “Y’all corny for stealing this shit. Y’all got EBT [what the hell] y’all doing stealing food.”

Someone accused that commenter of being racist, noting, “Somebody’s got pent up racism? Been wanting to let that out for a long time huh buddy?”

The initial commenter responded, “When did I say it was only Black people. It’s crackheads of all races like you that f*ck it up for everyone else.”

Another commenter concluded from the steaks under lock, “It’s hard times.”

“The one Walmart in my area has shirts and boxers locked behind glass,” someone else reported.

That corresponds to a recent TikTok from a Walmart shopper who reported taking home a “beeping” steak and discovering a tag under the label. And another revealed via video of what appeared to be woven metal fencing around steaks in her store.

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