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‘This is Karen behavior not a hack’: Starbucks customer says she calls store to tell them she’s late for work whenever she doesn’t want to wait in drive-thru line

'I be getting my Starbucks for free, or I be getting a 50% discount.'


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Posted on Sep 20, 2023

A Starbucks customer shared her hack for getting cheap or free drinks whenever she’s waiting in a long line at the drive-thru, but viewers weren’t that impressed.

TikToker Quanahmichelle (@quanahmichelle_) posted the video while waiting for her order in the Starbucks drive-thru. The video has been viewed over 1,600 times as of publication.

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She explains how she gets around long wait times while filming herself in the Starbucks drive-thru.

“I guess I’m going to share one of my little hacks with y’all,” she begins. “So when I’m in a Starbucks line, and I’ve been sitting in the line for a long time like right now, let me tell you what I do. “

“I’ll call in there and I’ll be like I’m late for work or I missed an interview. And I be getting my Starbucks for free, or I be getting a 50% discount,” she shares.

She concludes with the reason why she decided to share her secret: “I’m only telling y’all because I’m leaving America. Don’t blow that up and don’t make this video go viral.”

However, the creator’s hack split viewers between those who applauded the hack, and others who believed lying to cut the line was wrong.

“You not lyingggg sissss,” one user said.

“This is Karen behavior not a hack you don’t have to stop at Starbucks before work and you don’t have to stop at Starbucks before a meeting,” another chastised.

“Definitely depends on the location as a former barista some people don’t gaf,” a third added.

Scoring free or discounted drinks from Starbucks is more widespread than many think.

According to the Starbucks subreddit, customers regularly attempt to lessen the price of their drinks. Baristas have complained about how some customers order ice water with two scoops of matcha for 80 cents instead of the green tea for $2.75.

One worker called out a man who reportedly purchased 365 Starbucks gift cards, registering each one with a different birthday. He then proceeded to get a free drink every day for a year.

Two men were also arrested for fraud after using a stolen credit card to buy and return items from Starbucks in three states.

The Daily Dot reached out to Quanahmichelle via TikTok comment and Starbucks via email for further information.

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*First Published: Sep 20, 2023, 4:23 pm CDT