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‘I have done everything I possibly could have and it’s still not enough’: Boss tells worker she’s one of the ‘smartest’ he’s ever had. It didn’t matter

'This is the reality of working today it’s insane'


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Posted on Dec 21, 2023   Updated on Dec 20, 2023, 1:17 pm CST

TikToker Brielle (@brielleybelly123) is unfortunately another casualty of the end-of-year layoff season.

Her latest video, which garnered 441,000 views as of Wednesday, is a raw, unfiltered dive into the life of a post-grad facing a brutal job market. Titled, “Can someone tell me I’m going to be okay !!!!,” Brielle opens up about her journey, sharing, “I’m not gonna sit here and cry, but I got laid off of my first post-grad job that I moved to New York City for.”

“I work for a startup, and they didn’t have the workload or the bandwidth that they needed to train me and to give me work to do,” Brielle, who has over 180,000 followers, shares.

Despite her boss telling her she’s “one of smartest people he’s ever had work under him,” she was laid off. 

“Getting laid off before the holidays, that means the hiring processes stop right before Christmas,” she says, implying that she’ll have to wait until into 2024 to even start the application process for a new job.


can someone tell me im going to be okay !!!! feels like the world is ending i need a job immediatley i am feeling so lost rn like i moved for this…!?

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Brielle’s story is all too familiar for many.

“I got laid off twice this year, it’s horrible! I feel u,” one viewer wrote.

“Don’t panic I’ve gotten laid off 3 times and last year and 2 years ago was right before Xmas,” TikToker @kalielz said, trying to assure Brielle.

“Girl same! laid off 5 days before thanksgiving,” @andreajsabin shared.

Layoffs, especially in industries disrupted by artificial intelligence, are becoming more common. And layoffs around the holidays are also common; Forbes listed 10 major companies that announced layoffs this holiday season.

Brielle also highlights a crucial point in her video: “The salaries that people are making with the degree right now after college is just not OK.”

Graduates are reportedly struggling to find fitting jobs that’ll pay enough to offset the record-high costs of a university education

Brielle also made a previous video about the 9-5 struggle. And while this circumstance is presenting her with new challenges, hopefully she can secure a job that won’t require her to spend as much time as she did commuting. She previously said spent nearly three hours traveling to and from work because she could not afford a place closer to her job.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Brielle via email for comment. 

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*First Published: Dec 21, 2023, 5:00 am CST