Woman complaining about going to the office and working 9 to 5


‘How do u have time for ur life?’: Worker cries after starting her first 9-5 after college

‘Everyone feels like this and no one does anything about it.’


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Even some of the world’s top educational institutions, like Harvard, have written about how the U.S. education system fails to prepare students for “the real world.”

The 9-5 work week is one reality of the post-grad life that students find difficult to adjust to after earning their degrees, with ABC 7 News reporting that many “recent college grads are ’emotionally’ unprepared for 9 to 5 jobs.”

Furthermore, many argue that with advancements in technology that have occurred over the years, the idea of having to sit in an office to complete tasks that could be taken care of pretty much anywhere with a high-speed internet connection doesn’t make much sense. There are also a number of folks who argue that the 9-5 work week could actually be a liability for modern businesses.

A TikToker named Brielle (@brielleybelly123) would probably agree with the aforementioned sentiment. In a viral TikTok that’s accrued over 946,000 views, she rants against the lack of work-life balance for those who are employed in 9-5 positions, and there are throngs of other users on the platform who feel her pain.

“I know I’m probably just being so dramatic and annoying, but this is my first job, like my first 9-5 job, out of college. And I’m in person, and I’m commuting in the city, and it takes me f*cking forever to get there,” she tearfully says. “There’s no way I’m gonna be able to afford living in the city right now, so that’s off the table, like f*cking duh.”

She says life would be easier if she lived closer to work and could walk there but that she has to take the train. She says she has to get on the train a 7:30am, an hour-and-a-half before her job actually starts, and that she doesn’t get home until 6:15, over an hour after her workday is supposed to end.

“And then, like, I don’t have time to do anything. I don’t. I wanna shower, eat my dinner, and go to sleep. I don’t have time or energy to cook my dinner, either. Like I don’t have energy to work out, like that’s out the window, like, I’m so upset!”

Brielle clarifies that it has “nothing to do with [her] job” and that she’s just upset she has no life outside of it.

“Like if it was remote, you get off at 5, and you’re home, and everything’s fine. But, like, I’m not home. It takes me long to get home,” Brielle continues. “And I know it could be worse. I know I could be working longer but, like, I literally get off; it’s pitch black. How do you have friends? Like how do you have time to like meet like a guy? I don’t know. Like how do you have for like dating? Like I don’t have time for anything.”

“I’m also getting sick leave me alone im emotional ok i feel 12 and im scared of not having time to live,” the TikToker added in her caption.


im also getting sick leave me alone im emotional ok i feel 12 and im scared of not having time to live

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Viewers validated Brielle’s feelings and deeply resonated with them.

“No this is so real and any time i bring it up everyone just kinda shrugs and says ‘welcome to the real world’. Surely there is more to life??????” the top comment on Brielle’s post, which came from @abbynotsobright, reads.

“High school set us up for the 9-5 then college ruined it,” @kennjp wrote.

“The 40 hour work week is beyond outdated and your feelings are totally valid,” @kittenkatarina said.

This sentiment was echoed by another user who claimed the original model was designed during a time where many American households had a “homemaker” who took care of regular household tasks and chores, with a primary worker providing income through a single vocation (this is also a hot topic on Reddit and in blog posts). However, even dual-income households are reportedly finding it difficult to stay afloat financially or afford their own home in America these days. “40 hour work week was designed with a homemaker to take care of house tasks. We need dual incomes now, so that’s not possible. No time for anything,” @user33arrbj6h6 said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Brielle via email for further comment.

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