Walmart worker gets revenge after they fired her before the holidays

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‘That was her LAST straw’: Walmart worker gets revenge after they fired her right before the holidays

'I feel her fr this is the worst time to lose anything.'


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Posted on Dec 8, 2023   Updated on Dec 8, 2023, 9:42 am CST

A Walmart customer recorded a rampage from an employee of the chain they say was precipitated by their firing that occurred right before the 2023 Holiday season.

In a TikTok clip uploaded by a user named Skye (@skyej.withtheslay), the shopper claims that the incident occurred in Huntersville, Connecticut, which saw many customers and other workers watching the angry handiwork of the employee who felt slighted at being let go.

“POV: Employee fired before the holidays (extended),” the text overlay in the clip reads as Skye walks through the store and approaches an aisle that shows an employee for the chain standing at a shelf, picking items from it, and tossing them to the floor.

“Oh my God she f*cking up they sh*t…f*cking they sh*t up,” she says as the worker walks from aisle to aisle, throwing products to the ground. Skye shows the floor littered with products as she exclaims that the woman is “really going crazy.”

In addition to stuffed animals and pillows and canisters of goods strewn about the retail location, it appears that jars and containers of food have spilled on the store’s floor as a result of the payback the employee enacted against the store.

Skye adds some further context in a caption for the post, writing, “Extended version of the Walmart video. Backstory: I believe she was fired. She kept yelling ‘I won’t stop until the police get here.'”

Customers and employees alike can be seen watching the woman go on her rampage in the clip as item after item crashes to the floor. Shouting can be heard in the distance, along with glass crashing and shattering.

“She ain’t never gonna be able to work nowhere again,” someone says off-camera as Skye zooms into more of the havoc that’s been levied against the Walmart inventory: a mass of broken cherry jars are laid out on the floor that shoppers have to now navigate around.

Someone can be heard speculating that the worker’s outburst could be a “mental health” issue as they continue to record her angrily knocking condiments off of shelves.

“They not trying to touch her,” the same woman from off-camera says as they comment on how the security guard is following the worker around the store but not engaging with her.

“She throwing that b*tch above her head that’s crazy,” she continues to narrate as they now watch the worker in yet another area of the store as part of her unrelenting onslaught: bags of bread, rolls, and plastic containers of pastries are now casualties of her Walmart payback.

The clip ends with the woman in the produce aisle, throwing even more groceries from the shelves and onto the floor as the same security guard and another woman wearing a sweater with a walkie in her back pocket, presumably another Walmart manager, watch her destroy the store’s items.

Walmart writes online that it promises its workers a “Safe workplace” environment, indicating that, “The foundation of [the store’s] culture is a commitment to operating with integrity,” and that the chain “believe[s] in treating each other with respect, including associates, suppliers, and customers.”

As part of this secure work environment, the retailer says it wants to foster an atmosphere “free of inappropriate conduct including obscene, profane, gross, violent, discriminatory, bullying, or similarly offensive language, gestures, or conduct.”

@skyej.withtheslay Extended version of the Walmart video. Backstory: I believe she was fired. She kept yelling “I won’t stop until the police get here”. Walmart in Huntersville/CLT #fypシ #fyp #walmart #charlittnc #charlottenc #meltdown #viral ♬ original sound – SkyeJ.Withtheslay

TikTok viewers had a variety of responses, including some that seemed to be sympathetic towards the worker’s outburst.

“As someone who used to work at Walmart I get it,” one person wrote.

Another remarked, “My fiancé recently got fired for nothing at Walmart… around the holidays.. you don’t know what ppl are going through. I pray she gets back on her feet”

Someone else said, “I understand, Walmart will know they’re gonna fire you at the start of your shift have you work (sometimes add extra tasks) and fire you at the end.”

Others, like this TikToker, couldn’t seem to understand why the woman would behave the way that she did. “But why even do all that. now you gotta pay them and you still fired,” they said.

One TikToker said that the Walmart made a grave error in telling her before her shift that she was going to be let go. “They had to have let her work the whole shift then told her she terminated,” they quipped.

There was one commenter who wrote that as grimy as it may have been for management to fire her during the holiday season, it still doesn’t excuse the damage she carried out in the store.

“These comments. No matter what she is going through that’s no way to act,” they said.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart via email and Skye via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Dec 8, 2023, 1:00 pm CST