Someone in Clemson athletics is a huge “Twilight” fan

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So Clemson wide receivers coach Jeff Scott probably didn’t notice that his colleague Tony Elliott was surrounded by Twilight memorabilia.

It’s hard to look tough while Edward Cullen is staring at you dreamily.

Wednesday was National Signing Day, which means college football coaches across America huddled around their fax machines, anxiously awaiting binding contracts from athletic high schoolers pledging allegiance to their program. It’s common for athletic directors and coaches to scramble to blog or tweet each new name that comes in, and to even document the fax process with photos and streaming video.

So Clemson wide receivers coach Jeff Scott had a lot on his mind when he tweeted a photo of a fellow assistant coach holding prized defensive back Mackensie Alexander’s signature.

He probably didn’t notice that his colleague Tony Elliott was surrounded by Twilight memorabilia.

In two posters, Edward seductively stares from behind Elliott and to his right; in a third, the century-old, perpetually teenage vampire stands happily with his baby mama. No fewer than five other Twilight images are papered on the desk Elliott stands in front of.

After being hounded by fans, Scott blamed the memorabilia on an administrator.

“the Twilight posters are in Mrs. Jill’s administrative office,” he tweeted.

Photo via @coach_jeffscott/Twitter

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