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‘It’s Christmas time. I’m a single mother’: Restaurant worker says she was fired over positive Yelp reviews she received

'Isn't it a good thing that you got good reviews?'


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Posted on Dec 20, 2023   Updated on Dec 20, 2023, 11:54 am CST

If you work in the restaurant industry as a server, then you’ve probably rolled your eyes at an overbearing manager getting on your case about asking tables to please leave a Google or Yelp review for the business.

Typically, any type of positive commentary on an establishment, whether it’s regards to the food, the atmosphere, or the quality of service they received from the business’ staff would more than likely be perceived as a win on behalf of the business as a whole, right?

So why would a restaurant fire an employee just because they received praise from a patron in an online review? Well, that’s exactly what a TikToker named Carlie (@brosephine94) says happened to her in a viral clip that’s accrued over 1.6 million views on the popular social media platform.

With her hand resting on her face as she peers into the camera mirthlessly, Carlie writes in a text overlay of the 5-second video that her workplace woes stem from her documented excellence from restaurant guests at her job.

The worst part? It occurred right before the holidays, at a time when folks are usually out and spending more money and more time with their loved ones. It’s also not exactly a great feeling to start a New Year out not having a job.

“I got fired today from a restaurant because customers I knew personally left me good reviews, it’s Christmas time,” she wrote. “I’m a single mother. The world is so cruel.”

The Ohio-based parent added, “Nothing feels real,” in a caption for the video and posted a couple of other clips referring to her termination. In one video, she shows herself enjoying a “comfort Sharcoochie board,” also known as a charcuterie board, in her bed, along with a clapback clip in response to a person calling her “stupid” for having a child.

However, many commenters who replied to her initial clip had sympathetic responses. Some included recommended steps she could take post-firing to help alleviate the situation.

“Make sure you file for unemployment and for unjust seperation,” one user suggested. “They’ll have to pay for your unemployment while you find another job.”

Someone else said that they had experienced a similar situation and took advantage of local social services to help them get through a tough financial situation. “Check your local salvation army/churches they usually do a gift basket for kids and send food! this happened to me last year :(,” they wrote.

Another was shocked that she would be let go for such a thing. “They seriously fired you for THAT? Isn’t a good thing that you got good reviews?that’s so unfair,” they said. Someone else shared the same sentiment: “This does not seem like valid reason to be fired?!?! I’m sorry babes:( I hope it just means you have a better opportunity coming.”

Others shared their own experiences with what they believe to be wrongful termination. “Relatable, I was fired as a kindergarten teacher because alot of parents praised me after huge improvement in third kids, the business owner hated it,” one said. Someone else penned, “I’ve been unfairly let go/fired too. Usually because of women that could be my mom or grandma.”

@brosephine94 Nothing feels real. #fyp ♬ Think Of Me Once In A While, Take Care – Take Care

As brutal as it may sound, the practice of businesses laying off employees in December and January in preparation for the new year is, unfortunately, a common experience, which many discussed in this Reddit post questioning the cruel practice. Tech Crunch wrote about this phenomenon as well, stating that the surge of layoffs that occur “has nothing to do with the holidays, and everything to do with the end of Q4 figures looming,” adding that “startup employee[s]” are at “higher risk than most of being laid off.”

This information probably does little to ease the pain of those who are suddenly out of a job, especially during a period in America’s history where inflation and cost of living rates have hit staggering highs since 2021.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Carlie via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Dec 20, 2023, 8:00 pm CST