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Interior designer shares hack to saving ‘hundreds if not thousands of dollars’ on furniture

'Yes I need new furniture but its so expensive!'


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Posted on Oct 4, 2023

A South Florida-based interior designer shared a hack she says could help customers save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on their furniture purchases.

The tip came from creator Andrea Camila Interiors (@andreacamilainteriors), attracting more than 510,000 views since going up on TikTok on Saturday.

“I wanna let you guys in on a little furniture secret,” she begins, “and it’s gonna save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on furniture.”

She then notes, “I’m an interior designer, and I do this every day,” before introducing the concept of “white labeling” furniture.

According to the Nestorations site, “White labeling is a common practice in furniture and home décor and actually across many markets like clothing, software, electronics, and even food and supplements.” It’s when “a manufacturer (producer) of a product, sells that product to several retailers (stores that we buy from).”

“And then the stores sell … it to you,” the site continues. “And depending on where you buy the item, the cost could vary by hundreds of dollars. Even more.”

As Camila explains, “This company is called Four Hands,” she says, referring to an Austin-based furniture company. “Every time they make something, it is beautiful. They sell an ottoman to McGee & Co., McGee & Co. ups the price, changes the name, and now it is $150 more.”

She suggests going to the original maker rather than the reseller and notes, “Most of the time, I will have a discount for that store.”

She then offers her services at the end of the video, saying, “Let me know if you’re in the market and looking for furniture, so hopefully I can save you some money.”

Commenters shared their opinions.

“I’ve known about Four Hands and their awesome pieces,” one said. “When I was browsing HomeGoods I noticed they had some pieces and I snagged them.”

Another remarked, “I saw the four hands showroom at High Point last year… one of the few showrooms that actually took my breath away.”

One confessed, “I need this and your help. I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Someone else was even more specific in needing help from an interior designer, noting, “I moved over a month ago and barely have any furniture. I have a desk chair and an air mattress. I want to invest in good pieces.”

Camila responded, “That’s how my boyfriend lived,” adding a crying emoji before pledging, “Let’s work on that.”

The Daily Dot contacted Camila via TikTok comment for more information.

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*First Published: Oct 4, 2023, 4:51 pm CDT