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‘I have way too many trust issues man’: Woman shares the ‘right way’ to shave with a razor

‘I saw this a few weeks ago on here and have been doing it ever since. Game changer.’


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From snacking on Ritz Crackers to using a cheese grater, there’s apparently a right and wrong way to do everything. A woman said that she just found out there’s a right way to shave, and she demonstrated in a video that was viewed 525,000 views.

“You’re meaning to tell me some of you did not know that when you shave up, you’re supposed to leave the blade on your leg when you bring it back down for the hair to remove?” popular TikToker Sonya Sed (@sonyased5) asks her 542,000 followers. “Let me show you.”

The video jumps to Sed in the shower, with a razor against her leg. “When you shave your leg up,” she says, gliding the razor up her leg. “Push this against your leg and bring it down. It’ll release all the hair,” she adds, bringing the razor down.

She repeats this a few times.

She says she just came across the technique that same day. “I was literally today years old when I found that out also,” she says. “So, I figured I share it with you guys too.”

She then explains her old—and according to viewer comments, very common—technique. “I was also the type who would shave up, tap it on something to get rid of the hair. Shave, tap, shave tap,” she says.

“Try it and let me know. You’re welcome,” she concludes.


Who knew this? Ur welxome

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The Daily Dot reached out to Sed via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. Despite Sed’s cut-free demonstration, viewers were still afraid to try it.

“Something about this is still screaming NO,” one viewer wrote.

“I have way too many trust issues man,” a second stated.

“Nope, I have zero doubt that will cut my legs,” a third commented.

Others shared that they have tried the technique, to mixed results.

“I saw this a few weeks ago on here and have been doing it ever since. Game changer. The hair doesn’t get clogged up in the blades anymore,” one user shared.

“I tried this and sliced my leg opened!! I have a scar now from ankle to upper calf DONT DO ITTTTTT,” a second warned.

Is there a right way to shave?

One should use a sharp, non-rusty razor to shave their legs. People should also use shaving cream or body wash to lather the legs beforehand. Using water and a lubricant decreases the risk of cuts.

According to Healthline, it’s important to use gentle and even strokes. It’s also important to stroke in the direction the hair grows. Then, one can go in the opposite direction.

However, Healthline recommends cleaning the blade in between each use with water. As a matter of fact, many different reputable shaving companies and other publications recommend the water method to clean off razors. It seems like the cleaning the razor on skin method is unique to TikTok.

To avoid cuts, one should remain cautious when shaving their ankles and knees. In addition, one should moisturize to hydrate the skin once they’re done.

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