Woman quits with a sticky note on her work computer before lunch break

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‘I’m not coming back’: Woman quits with a sticky note on her work computer before lunch break

'Come with me to quit my job without saying anything.'


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Posted on Jan 25, 2024   Updated on Jan 25, 2024, 9:52 am CST

Workers on TikTok are normalizing not giving a two-weeks’ notice when they feel their workplaces have mistreated them.

TikTok user Layla (@thelaylaleilyani) documented her last day on the job—she was the only person who knew it would be her last workday. She decided to clock-out during her lunch break and never return.

In a video with over 634,000 views, Layla, took her 11,000 followers followers, among other viewers, to “Come with me to quit my job without saying anything. But the volume is very loud.”

The video cut to Layla in her workspace. She packed up her things and wrote on a pinky sticky note in black marker, “Bye. I won’t be back. Thanks.”

“This place is just not for me. I’m not coming back,” she said, revealing she came to the decision at lunchtime.

She then delved into the “backstory” behind her final decision. She said her boss came to her and told her she “could leave if (she) wanted to” since he knew she merely viewed the job “as a job.”

Layla’s video concluded with her walking to her car. “That’s it. We’re out,” she said.

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In a follow-up video, Layla divulged more details about why she quit. She said she she was hired as an administrative assistant through a temp agency and that the workplace environment wasn’t the best from day one. She said that on her first day, the worker who trained her made “rude” comments toward her. Layla said she let the worker know she had a human resources background and that “they told (her she) needed to drop all of (her) HR sh*t at the door.”

“I was also told that if I was snitch, I would get beat up in the parking lot,” she added.

She said that after going to HR with her concerns, the rude comments didn’t stop. “I was also made aware that they could not retain anybody for the position I was currently filling due to high turnover,” she added, noting that was a red flag.

She said her temp agency helped move her to a new office within the same company. She said she was eventually given tasks outside her wheelhouse, and while she said she didn’t mind, when asked about it, she was honest. “(I) let them know that I did not prefer this work and that I did not myself doing it long-term,” she said. “I ultimately wanted to pursue my career in human resources.”

That’s where everything in her viral video picked up.

In the comments section, viewers applauded Layla for leaving the job and pointed out that “being passionate about a job isn’t a requirement for completing the work.”

“‘Since you just view this as a job.’ Ummmm what else are you supposed to see it as????? Glad you left, there’s something better for you out there!” one viewer praised.

“’Just view this as a job’” like sir that’s exactly what this is,” another said.

Layla never mentioned the name of the company nor the temp agency. The Daily Dot reached out to Layla via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jan 25, 2024, 3:00 pm CST