McDonald's employee scooping sauces in container with caption 'Pov: When your manager says to fill the sauces then you can go home' (l) McDonald's building with sign (c) McDonald's employee organizing sauces in containers with caption 'Pov: When your manager says to fill the sauces then you can go home' (r)

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‘When your manager says fill the sauces then you can go home’: McDonald’s worker shares sauce organizing ‘hack’

'This is genius.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Mar 23, 2023

In a now-viral TikTok, a McDonald’s worker revealed a hack for organizing the sauces more efficiently for workers who want to finish the task quickly before clocking out.

TikTok user and McDonald’s worker CJ (@the_0fficial_cj) posted the video on March 20. In the clip, CJ takes a black container and scoops sauces from a large box into it. They do this demonstration for the barbecue and ranch sauces and line up the containers on a rolling cart.

The video concludes with CJ scooping up handfuls of spicy buffalo sauce into a black container, potentially demonstrating that their method is faster than scooping the sauces by hand.

@the_0fficial_cj Nah i swear it be the best thing ever😫 #managersbelike #mcdonalds #saucepapii22 #2kcommunity #fyp #relateable ♬ she kno what she doin lilmossy208 – jake

The video amassed 1.3 million views as of March 23. In the comments section, current and former McDonald’s workers showed appreciation for the hack.

“I wish i knew this when i actually worked there,” one viewer said.

“Bru… why didn’t I….. wow. So much time could’ve been saved,” a second wrote.

“The way that strategy could’ve saved me so much time,” a third echoed.

However, some stated that they’re not permitted to use this tactic.

“I wish. We had to stack them nicely before we could leave,” one user wrote.

“They made me stack them all neat every time i refilled dem bssss,” a second agreed.

“Nah my job has me doing some Jenga if it’s not falling off it ain’t full,” a third remarked.

Other viewers pointed out flaws with the hack.

“Nah cus ours has the little fkn paper dividers that slice your fingers open,” one person commented.

“I did this once and saw him counting them as i left [because] apparently he needed to write down how many there were but were too messy,” a second shared.

“Then morning crew complains for it being ‘unorganized,’” a third noted.

The Daily Dot contacted @the_0fficial_cj via TikTok comment for more information.

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*First Published: Mar 23, 2023, 3:52 pm CDT