New McDonald's worker says they didn't train him properly before putting him to work

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‘Y’all had me being trained by somebody that needed to be trained’: New McDonald’s worker says they didn’t train him properly before putting him to work


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A McDonald’s worker is blasting the fast food chain for not providing proper training to employees.

In a viral TikTok video that has over 279,000 likes, user Andrew Epps (@drewtalkss) came to the realization that he was ill-prepared for the job by his second day at work.


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“It was like my second day on the job and I’m just now realizing: ‘Why the f*ck on the first day, y’all had me being trained by somebody that needed to be trained?’” Epps began his video.

Apparently, the worker’s fellow employee responsible for his training offered very little insights on how to prepare the food or provide good service. He was also surprised by how hard it is to stand every day for an entire shift and survive workplace politics.

“It’s like, why didn’t nobody tell me its so messy?” he asked in the clip. “Everybody be into it and best friends at the same time.”

In the comments section, many shared similar stories about having a hard time working at McDonald’s.

“Being trained by someone who need to be trained is crazyyy,” _eniracv wrote.

“My first day at McDonald’s was my last day I didn’t go back,” user KW wrote. “The managers were arguing it was a mess.”

“You gon be training somebody by next week just wait lol,” one user laughingly commented.

In a post to online forum Quora, a user asked, “How do McDonald’s train their restaurant employees?” User Ashley Kercher responded plainly: “They don’t.” Many others agreed with the sentiment. This isn’t the first time Epps has gone viral since starting his stint at McDonald’s, either.

The Daily Dot reached out to McDonald’s via contact form and Epps (@drewtalkss) via TikTok comment for more information.

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