McDonald's worker roasts customers who keep ordering after they say 'Anything else?'

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‘Hungry mfs’: McDonald’s worker roasts customers who keep ordering after they say ‘Anything else?’

‘Dang my boy is getting McMad.’


Parks Kugle


Posted on Jul 11, 2023

A McDonald’s worker posted a short video that roasted customers who continue to order after being asked if they want anything else.

TikTok creator Isiah (@lylflare) added to his collection of viral TikToks, depicting life as a McDonald’s worker. The video was viewed more than 500,000 times as of Tuesday.

In the video, Isiah mimes listening to a huge add-on through his headset when he asks the customer, “Anything else?” He begins shaking his head and muttering to himself as the customer continues ordering more and more food. The following audio overlays the video, “Man, this sh*t make me mad.”

@lylflare Hungry mfs #mcdonalds#lol#viral#4u ♬ original sound – sp🔌

A white text overlay above his head reads: “Me after asking ‘anything else; for the 20th time and they keep ordering.”

Commenters were split on the reaction. Some recalled their own experiences working in a drive-thru, while others defended the imaginary customer. The Daily Dot reached out to Isiah via TikTok comments and McDonald’s via email.

“Dang my boy is getting McMad,” one user joked.

“Then they ask for another separate transaction,” a user said.

“And then get mad at me for the price. like ??,” replied another user.

“Idk if it’s universal, but every time they ask that I get annoyed cuz like I AIN’T DONE ORDERING DAMN,” a user said, arguing that the drive-thru asks too quickly.

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*First Published: Jul 11, 2023, 11:52 pm CDT