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‘Tell our daughter that I will no longer be texting her from the plane’: Woman accuses man seated next to her on plane of cheating on his wife. It backfires

'And this is why I have a privacy screen.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Aug 16, 2023

A man addressed his wife in a viral TikTok to get ahead of a nosy passenger who accused him of cheating while they were on a flight.

Popular TikToker @berryd_treasure started off his video, which amassed over 7.5 million views in three days, by saying “this video is for my wife” and that he’s posting this publicly since he doesn’t “have anything to hide.”

He shared that the woman seated next to him on his flight accused him of cheating after noticing he texted two different women “I’m on my plane, I love you.”

“The lady next to me said that I should be ashamed of myself for telling my wife, who is stored as ‘beautiful’ in my phone, that I boarded the plane and I love her, and then I pulled up another girl in my phone and said basically the same thing,” he recalled.

He then sarcastically directed his wife to “go down to the end of hall and tell our daughter that I will no longer be texting her from the plane that I love her.” “Because I can only love one girl at a time,” he quipped.

He then addressed the woman who accused him of cheating. “You should probably learn to mind your own business. And I really hope that you see this,” he said.

It’s likely the woman on the plane did see his video as he said she informed he she knew what his TikTok handle was and planned to put him on blast publicly. @berryd_treasure is a popular TikToker with over 153,000 followers. Several of his videos have gone viral in the past.

@berryd_treasure #karen #myob ♬ original sound – BerryD Treasure

One viewer who saw @berryd_treasure’s post quipped that there would still probably be folks in the comments section who speculated that he was still cheating, despite airing out what happened. “Let me see your text,” they wrote, followed by a grinning emoji.

It was also pretty clear that some TikTok users didn’t watch the entire clip. “I am happy the woman made you accountable. Not fair to your wife,” one of the top comments reads.

Someone else shared their admiration for the way in which @berryd_treasure revealed that the “other woman” he was texting was actually his daughter. “That was the most polite FO TikTok I’ve seen – well played Sir,” they wrote.

Numerous folks suggested that he invest in a privacy screen protector, which, in addition to preventing scratches and significant damage to one’s phone screen, makes it impossible to view screen content from a variety of different angles. Many commenters echoed the same sentiment: “And this is why I have a privacy screen protector.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to @berryd_treasure via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Aug 16, 2023, 1:16 pm CDT