Instacart shopper gets 600-pound order from Costco and Sam's Club.

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Instacart shopper delivers 600-pound order from Costco and Sam’s Club. Viewers can’t believe how much he got paid

'Whoever made those orders should be embarrassed.'


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Posted on Nov 24, 2023   Updated on Nov 24, 2023, 7:51 am CST

Instacart shopper and TikToker Jo Ezzy (@jo_ezzy) documented a two-store order he was tasked with that ended on a simple question for his viewers: would they accept the order for the amount of pay?

In a caption for the video, Ezzy made his thoughts on what he earned for the order very clear: “Most wont do this not even for $100.”

“So I accepted an Instacart order for two stores: Costco and BJ’s. This is the first one: 8 cases of water,” he says, walking toward the back of the cart to show a singular, large bottle of liquid soap. “And some soap.”

He clarifies that the other order is from Sam’s Club. “But this is the first one, Costco, 2 items, so eight cases of water, and some soap, and then…we’ll go to Sam’s Club,” he says.

The clip then cuts to a shot of the Instacart delivery driver showing the eight cases of water in the back of his vehicle. To make room for the order, he collapsed his rear passenger seats forward for maximum storage, which he would definitely need as he still has another order to pick up from a different bulk retailer.

“So we were able to securely fit order A…in the car, in the back, now we have space for order B, now let’s get order B,” he continues.

The camera then cuts to the Instacart driver’s completed Sam’s Club haul. He points to a flatbed shopping cart containing several large bags of white and brown sugar. “So this is our next order, our Sam’s Club order, I think I said BJ’s this is Sam’s Club—25 pounds times 8 sugars, and then 14 sugars times 7, so, that’s 298 pounds right there.”

@jo_ezzy Most wont do this not even for $100 😑#Instacart #InstacartShopper #CapCut ♬ original sound – Jo Ezzy

The next portion of the video shows that he was able to fit all of the massive bags of sugar inside of his vehicle.

“Order B here in the back and it did fit, both of it fit right here. I love it, we’re gonna deliver,” he says as he opens the left rear passenger door of his car, revealing that it’s pretty much packed to the brim with the Instacart order.

Ezzy then breaks down the Instacart order payout for driving to the two stores, picking up the orders, and delivering them to the customers. He also shares the gratuities he received: it was $38.35. He got $22.14 for the delivery itself as his Instacart cut, and then $16.21 in tips.

“The order ended up paying $35 and 35 cents. The base pay was $22 and 14 cents. The tips were $16 and 21 cents and I just noticed this now that the base pay was higher than the tips,” he explains. He says how the first customer tipped $2 while the second customer tipped $14.21 with the total distance being 15 miles.

“So would you guys do this order? $38 for all those items? I mean it was a few items but it was a lot of units,” he says. “15 miles, let me know in the comments would you guys do this order.”

Many commenters replied that they would most certainly not take the order, while others replied that it depended on how long it took him to complete both shopping ventures.

“That’s not enough money,” one commenter simply wrote.

“I would not,” another agreed.

One user was aghast that a customer would expect an Instacart shopper to deliver that much water in a single trip. “People are wild! I feel guilty when I add one case of water to my order for delivery,” they said.

Someone else wondered if the Costco customer helped Ezzy unload the bases of water upon delivery, asking, “nooo helll noooo…did they unload all them waters?”

Ezzy confirmed that this was not the case, replying, “no they most likely watched me unload through their doorbell camera.”

Someone else said that they have hard-line rules for double deliveries: if their base pay isn’t $40, then they aren’t taking it. “I wont do 2 stores under $40,” a user shared. “Its double the time, double the headache! I atleast need $20 each store!”

However, an Instacart shopper who responded to Ezzy’s video said that as long as he ended up netting $20 for an hour’s worth of work, then he would consider the delivery worth his time. “If you making more then $20 dollars per hour after all expenses it’s a win,” they said.

One shopper in the comments section appeared wary of multiple-item, heavy orders.

“No, I wouldn’t. I once did an 9 case of water and they didn’t even tip,” they wrote. “Never again but I would take up to 2 cases of water.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Instacart via email and Ezzy via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Nov 24, 2023, 9:00 am CST