Man shares hack to picking the perfect bag of Cheetos every time


‘I’ve spent over $100 confirming this theory’: Man shares hack to picking the perfect bag of Cheetos every time

'This is the most important tiktok I’ve ever seen.'


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Posted on Sep 12, 2023   Updated on Sep 12, 2023, 10:42 pm CDT

A man who claims to have spent more than $100 to test a theory of picking the perfect bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos is now ready to share his findings with the world.

The video explaining the method comes from Phoenix-based TikTok creator Chef Joni Blackstone (@joniblackstone), who got more than 618,000 views on his video in two days, since it went up Sunday, promising a surefire method to snag one of people’s favorite snacks.

“I hate when I get a bag of hot Cheetos that hardly has any seasoning on it,” Blackstone reports to start the video. “So I’m going to show you a hack to find the ones that have more seasoning on ’em.”

He then boasts, “Over the last two days, I’ve spent over $100 confirming this theory, and I can now say with confidence, I can pick out a bag of hot Cheetos and know that it’s going to be a good bag.”

@joniblackstone For my hot cheeto lovers you know the dissappointment of a bag that has them naked chips in there. #hotcheetos #hotcheetostiktok #hotcheetoshack ♬ original sound – Chef Joni

To Blackstone, the best Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are dusted completely with the red powder, and show little yellow, providing spice and kick. In short, the more red powder covering the snacks, the better.

His theory has to do with where he buys them. He claims that carnicerias—Mexican grocery stores or meat markets—carry better quality Flamin’ Hot Cheetos than non-Mexican chain stores that he surveyed.

He reports that a carniceria he tried provided “the best” Flamin’ Hot Cheetos that he’s ever had, and then he went to the same store to get another bag, and again found them “amazing.”

He also claimed that a Home Depot where he bought a bag offered similar quality.

That led commenters to share their thoughts.

“This is the most important tiktok I’ve ever seen,” one person declared.

Another claimed, “Me and my sister noticed the more wrinkled the bag is the better they are!”

That comment led Chef Joni to respond, “I’m gunna have to test.”

Someone else observed, “I was just telling my friend hot Cheetos from Mexican markets are always better than bags from Target or non-Hispanic stores. She didn’t believe me.”

Another commenter, however, had issue with the premise, noting, “I actually like the ones with less seasoning, they tastes better, and I can eat more of them.”

Blackstone ended his video by hoping “anyone who works at Frito-Lay can explain this to me.”

The Daily Dot has reached out Frito-Lay, which sells Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, via email.

But he then came up with a second hack: Adding the powder that flavors Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Mac & Cheese to an existing bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with low seasoning.

@joniblackstone Replying to @Nancy Gil i love that you guys are allowing me to be my trueself. #hotcheetostiktok #hotcheetos #hotcheetoshack ♬ original sound – Chef Joni

After test driving it, he reported, “I love everything about this.”

Blackstone, responding to the Daily Dot’s interview request via email, noted, “I have since tried the small bags at Ace Hardware and they fall into the good bag category. The small bags at grocery stores seem to more often be bad bags [versus] the small bags from hardware stores like Home Depot and Ace are more likely to be good bags. I can also confirm the best bag I have ever had was from Target. But I went back for more and they were sold out. And then when they restocked they were not as good.”

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*First Published: Sep 12, 2023, 10:41 pm CDT