Former XFinity worker exposes how to quickly cancel your service

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‘If you follow these instructions, the call takes 3 minutes’: Former Xfinity worker exposes how to quickly cancel your service

“I tell all my friends to do this.”


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With a TikTok clip seen more than 746,000 times, Chrissy (chrissypips) lets viewers in on the strategy to quickly cancel Xfinity services without the hassle and how to benefit from new customer promotions.

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The video starts as a stitch with user tacoreacts asking, “What’s a company secret that we shouldn’t know?” Chrissy’s confident response is geared towards those looking to disconnect their Xfinity services. She explains, “So you go call Xfinity to disconnect your services, only to disconnect your services, not to argue with anybody.”

Chrissy’s step-by-step guide offers a no-nonsense approach that allegedly ensures the process is hassle-free. “If you follow these instructions, the call takes about 3 minutes,” she claims. And she doesn’t leave any details to chance. “They’re going to send you a text message. If you don’t get the text message, say, hey, before we get off the line, can you send me the text message with my disconnection number in it? My confirmation number for my disconnect?”

A commenter asked, “I love the idea, but i don’t understand why is important to insist on disconnection confirmation text?” Chrissy replied, “Because of how commission works in the business.”

What makes this plan more enticing is the idea of circling back. According to Chrissy, if you disconnect and decide to reconsider shortly after, Xfinity will likely offer new customer promotional pricing. She suggests to users, “Look on your bill; there’s a bill cycle close date. You want to look at that date, and you want to call the next day.” Timing, she says, is everything: “That’s gonna be the beginning of your new billing cycle. So the proration will be balanced.”

One commenter added: “Also, if [you] have the promotional pricing already and you are dissatisfied with anything you can typically get 3 months of free premium networks like HBO.”

Various people confirmed Chrissy’s plan is solid. “Used to work for Xfinity, can confirm,” said one former employee. “I tell all my friends to do this.”

One woman even said it would work with other providers: “SAME FOR SPECTRUM YALL, I used to work there.”

Chrissy’s video not only offers a potential solution for those looking to part ways with Xfinity, but spotlights the broader discussion around the complexities of service providers, how to efficiently cancel your service, and customer retention strategies.

Of course, Chrissy isn’t the only TikTok user discussing Xfinity. Last month, a user claimed to have reduced their monthly bill to a $10. In 2022, a user complained that their “upgraded” modem was in fact the same model. And, earlier this year, one Xfinity call center representative turned the tables on an irate customer.

The Daily Dot contacted Chrissy via TikTok comment and Xfinity via email for comment.

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