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‘This person is out here saving lives’: Goodwill shopper finds $3 mason jar. There’s a note inside

‘A thrift vigilante.’


Charlotte Colombo


A “thrift vigilante” has gone viral by exposing some of the strange pricing tactics of Goodwill in a new viral video.

In the clip, which has amassed 1.3 million views, TikToker @happyvibes1983 shared something peculiar inside a $2.99 mason jar. Namely, a note that read, “You can buy this new for $1.98.”

This, the TikToker discovered, was especially valuable information, as she noted how Goodwill appeared to price the jar at $2.99. She then discovered another note with the same handwriting inside a second glass jar. The note read, “This is literally a used jelly jar, you could literally pull this from the trash.”

The TikToker couldn’t contain her laughter, and commenters were equally amused. “This person is out here saving lives,” one said. “Goodwill prices are crazy lately!” another wrote. “It’s almost comical.” A third remarked, “Someone chose violence today and I’m here for it.”

Numerous other commenters also shared their own experiences of thrift stores’ unorthodox pricing systems. “Thrift stores really be trying us!!! I kept finding SHEIN at my local thrift shop priced more than it is online,” one commenter said.

Another wrote, “I still will never get over the day I found them selling A ROCK! LIKE A GARDEN ROCK for $2.99.”

“I saw a candle that still had a TJ Maxx clearance sticker on the bottom for $8,” a third shared. “Goodwill was selling it for $15.”

@happyvibes1983 #Thrifting and saw this. 😂😂🤣🤣 #2ndavefinds #goodwill #thrifted #fyp whoever did this is a genius. #thrift #columbiamd ♬ original sound – heyheyhey1983

Why has Goodwill become so expensive?

Goodwill has garnered criticism for its pricing strategy before. In June, for instance, TikToker @greatdanemarie discovered a number of Target products in the thrift store that were priced higher than their recommended retail price. “You’re not fooling us, Goodwill,” the woman said.

But why has Goodwill become so expensive? One Reddit user, who claims to be a Goodwill employee, offered an explanation.

“So I was working at my local goodwill and I saw a paper under the clipboard with our schedule,” they wrote. “Our processors (those pricing items) have quotas and they’re WILD. Like thousands of dollars of merchandise they’re expected to put out a day. I know our store’s daily sales goals are usually about $10k, so I can logically assume they’re wanting the processors to collectively put out about $70k/week.”

The Daily Dot was unable to independently verify this. Goodwill didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via email. @happyvibes1983 did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

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