Shopper catches Goodwill selling $10 Target item for $15

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‘I stopped going to Goodwill for this exact reason’: Shopper catches Goodwill selling $6 Target item for $15

‘You’re not fooling us, Goodwill.’


Charlotte Colombo


A Goodwill shopper has gone viral after discovering marked-up Target stock in the thrift store. In the clip, which has amassed 401,500 views as of Sunday, TikTok user @greatdanemarie highlighted a number of items whose listed price was lower than the price given by Goodwill.

“We wanted to see what they really cost before they went to Goodwill,” a second woman in the video said. The first item she cross-checked was a Minnidip paddling pool. While Goodwill priced the item at $15, a second sticker underneath the Goodwill one exposed that Target was actually selling that very product for $5.99.

The second item the two women checked was an octopus sprinkler, which had been marked up from $6 in Target to $10 in Goodwill. Then, the third and final item the pair looked at was a sloth-themed swimming ring. Arguably, this markup was the most egregious, as the $12 item was actually marked as $3 in Target.

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“You’re not fooling us Goodwill,” the woman said.

By the looks of it, viewers weren’t being taken for fools either.

“You should ask the cashier if they price match to the original price,” one commenter said.

“And then they ask if you want to donate your change,” another added.

Other commenters admitted that Goodwill’s knack for upselling has put them off the store chain entirely, with one adding, “I stopped going to Goodwill for this exact reason.” TikToker @greatdanemarie didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

Why is there Target stuff at Goodwill?

As a thrift store, Goodwill accepts stock on a donation basis—so it really shouldn’t come as a surprise to find items from Target lining the shelves. But it isn’t just preloved stock that is donated. Numerous Redditors, TikTok users, and couponers have highlighted how unsold overstock from Target stores is often donated to Goodwill. These types of items are known as “salvage” items.

This isn’t the first time Goodwill has been caught upselling Target items. In April, TikToker highlighted a Target bag being sold in the thrift store.

“It’s brand new from Target,” she said, showing viewers the product. “My Goodwill gets stuff from Target, brand new stuff.”

Upon closer examination, the TikToker discovered that Target’s original price for the bag was $20. So, with Goodwill pricing the bag as $9.99, it seems like a good deal. Except it wasn’t. Another sticker revealed that the bag was actually marked down to a clearance price of $6 at Target before it ended up in Goodwill.

Make it make sense,” she lamented. “Why do they do that? Just sell it to me for the $6.”

Goodwill didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via email.

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