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Ford Maverick, Tesla X, BMW, and more: 5 viral car fails that broke the internet this week

‘Thank God my bank didn’t approve me to get one of these I almost got.’


Ljeonida Mulabazi


As vehicles have become more technologically complex in recent years, the number of issues reported by consumers is also increasing. 

New Atlas reports that the number of problems reported per vehicle has doubled over the past five years–attributing this increase largely to complications in the supply chain caused by the pandemic and the introduction of new technologies in vehicles.

This surge in reported problems per vehicle has led to some unfortunate car failures, many of which have gone viral online. Let’s take a closer look at the five most recent viral car fails, which illustrate just how unpredictable today’s vehicles can be.

Ford Maverick fail

Mechanic calls new Ford engine the ‘worst design to date.’
@californiawtfcarclub/TikTok Ink Drop/Adobe Stock (Licensed)

In a recent viral TikTok video, the mechanic behind the account @californiawtfcarclub opens the hood of a Ford Maverick to reveal what he calls a “complex” engine design. He also calls it a word we can’t print.

Throughout the video, he points out the poor quality of the hosing and overall engineering, as well as the complexity of getting to certain parts that need fixing. 

“Unbelievable amount of [expletive] work,” he stated. “Just stupid.”

This is a common complaint with modern vehicles. While technological advancements have improved efficiency and safety, repairs are now more intricate–frustrating mechanics and car owners alike. 

Used BMW fail

Man buys used BMW and has to bring it to shop after just 2 weeks. There’s nothing they can do
AR Pictures/ShutterStock @royaltyautoservice/TikTok (Licensed)

The popular TikTok account @royaltyautoservice recently shared a cautionary video for anyone looking to buy a used car. 

In the clip, Mike, a mechanic in the auto service, declares a used high-end European car with a concerningly noisy engine to be “unfixable.”

“Unfortunately, it’s a 2014 BMW M5 with a four-liter twin-turbine engine,” said the mechanic. “The client just bought the car, it’s still got the 30-day tag on it.”

Mike stated that this car is most likely totaled, and repairs would not be worth making at this point. 

“They’re going to need the engine and both turbos [replaced], anything that oil passes through,” Mike added.

Mike then explained the owner was aware of the noisy engine when he bought the car and advised viewers to “never buy vehicles with engine noises.”

This video serves as a reminder of the potential issues that could occur when buying used vehicles, especially high-performance models known for their expensive repairs and maintenance. 

Tesla door fail

Tesla won’t let driver exit the vehicle, keeps shutting door and window on him
@teslapeg/TikTok BGStock72/Adobe Stock (Licensed)

TikTok user Kosh (@teslapeg) posted a video showing his Tesla Model X’s door malfunctioning. 

In the clip, we see Kosh pressing the button that is supposed to open the car door, but once it opens it immediately closes again, making it impossible for him to leave the car. 

“Model X does not want driver to leave,” he wrote in the text overlay.

This video isn’t the only instance of Tesla car doors posing a risk of physical harm.

For example, a woman recently reported her Tesla Model 3 “completely shutting down,” with the side door not opening, and another Cybertruck owner said he severely injured his leg while getting out of his truck. 

Toyota Mirai fail

Man says he found an expiration date on his Toyota
Björn Wylezich/Adobe Stock @hydrogencarreviews/TikTok (Licensed)

A man recently reported finding an expiration date on his Toyota Mirai. 

TikTok user Daniel (@hydrogencarreviews) posted a video where he shows a tag on his vehicle that reads “Do not refuel after 10/2032”. 

Daniel states the reason for the expiration date is the hydrogen tank on his Toyota. According to him, unlike an electric or gasoline model, a hydrogen tank has a limited lifespan. 

“It’s not safe to fuel up after a certain amount of years,” he says. “So yes, this car expires on 2032. You cannot fuel it up afterwards or else, I don’t know, it might blow up, right?”

The video sparked discussion in the comments, with most users stating that while the Toyota brand is known for being reliable, this particular Toyota model does not fit the criteria. 

Ford Bronco fail

Ford driver issues warning about new Broncos
@alexduenzl/TikTokv Jonathan Weiss/Shutterstock (Licensed)

A very frustrated TikTok creator Alex (@alexduenzl) posted a video showing her 2021 Ford Bronco “stopping in the middle of the road.”

In the clip, we see her digital instrument panel flashing a “Check brake system” alert, as a high-pitched beeping sound goes off in the background. 

The video’s description says “literally the 5th time its stopped in the middle of the road and now my 2nd time taking it to a dealership,” and a text overlay on the video reads “If you’re looking for a sign not to buy a 2021 Ford Bronco Sport this is it.”

Alex is not the first Ford Bronco 2021 owner to experience extreme issues. In fact, this model is undergoing eight recalls and three investigations by the United States Department of Transportation–with several reports of the vehicle abruptly stopping and refusing to start.

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