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‘It’s making this weird sound’: Woman says Tesla stopped working, wouldn’t open in 93-degree heat

‘This is actually really dangerous.’


Rachel Kiley


One Tesla driver is airing out a concerning issue they faced with their car, and the difficulties in getting it resolved. Another Tesla customer recently called out the brand for similar issues during excessive heat.

Mercedes Bouyer (@mercedes.bouyer) found herself without a working vehicle when her Tesla Model 3 just “completely shut down,” she says.

“So it’s 93 degrees in South Carolina. My car is overheating. The inside is reading 130, even though I have it on cabin overheat,” she says, referring to a feature in the Model 3 intended to keep the car from getting too hot while parked in the sun. (The website does note it “has no impact on the reliability of your vehicle’s components.”)

The screen inside the vehicle displayed several warnings, ultimately advising that the car needed service. But when Bouyer called the service center, she discovered they were closed for the holiday weekend, leaving her stuck with a nonfunctioning car emitting a strange noise as it sat uselessly in her driveway.

But while that was an irritating inconvenience, she also expressed concern about how things could have gone even worse.

“This is actually really dangerous,” she explains, “because the driver’s side door was not opening, but I was able to open it from the manual latch on the inside. But this back door…is not opening at all. And I got inside, and it’s not opening from there either.”

Last summer, a man did get trapped in his Tesla after the battery died and he didn’t know where to find the manual release option in the door. The information can generally be found in the car manual, or demonstrated in YouTube videos, though neither of these may be particularly helpful in a genuine emergency.

Manual release options don’t even exist in the rear doors for all Tesla models, and even when they do, there have been complaints about how difficult they are to find and access.

@mercedes.bouyer My Tesla has completely shutdown! #tesla #model3 #car ♬ original sound – Mercedes Bouyer

Although Bouyer asked for advice from any other Tesla customers who may have dealt with an issue like hers, she mostly comments roasting her for having a Tesla to begin with.

“I know what’s wrong with it, ain’t got no gas in it!” wrote one commenter.

“Have you tried putting it in Rice, Unplugging and Plugging it back in,” another suggested, while a further viewer offered up, “Control alt delete.”

“It’s morphing into its final form…A lemon,” said one commenter.

The Daily Dot has reached out to both Bouyer via TikTok comment and Tesla via email.

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