Black beauty influencer calls out video that says 'elegant ladies' don't use dark lip liner

‘I didn’t think it was going to work’: 5 beauty hacks that TikTok goes wild for

‘I just heard my Amazon cart sigh.’

On Jun 12, 2024 by Ljeonida Mulabazi

Keto avocados and eggs(l), Woman talking(c), Supplements(r)

‘I would never go keto’: Cancer dietitian shares the 10 things she would never do or eat

‘This is gonna be your pepperoni, your sausage, your deli meat, your bacon, your pre-cooked meats.’

On Jun 12, 2024 by Vladimir Supica

Holiday traveler uses AirTag to track her stolen luggage to garage full of stolen suitcases

5 travel hacks from TikTok that airlines don’t love you knowing about

‘Such a good PSA.’

On Jun 11, 2024 by Ljeonida Mulabazi

hand holding box with caption 'Dollar Tree Test Booster?' (l) Man in front of Dollar Tree with caption 'Pharmacist reviews Dollar Tree medications' (c) hand holding back of box of 'testosterone booster' ingredients (r)

‘You should never buy this’: Pharmacist shares which medications you should not buy at the Dollar Tree

On Jun 11, 2024 by Nina Hernandez

Man holding a tablet with tipping screen inside a restaurant

‘It’s gonna ask you a question’: 5 moments that prove tipping has gotten way out of control

‘Tipping has become a joke.’

On Jun 10, 2024 by Ljeonida Mulabazi

Sam's Club meal prep hack

Whole Foods, Publix, Sam’s Club, and more: 5 cheap, viral, healthy meal prep hacks that require little effort

‘I’ve got to try this.’

On Jun 10, 2024 by Ljeonida Mulabazi

man holding mic in front of 'schweppes tonic water' and 'fever-tree tonic water' (l) man pointing at eye with caption 'It's just an eye twitch. You probably had too much caffeine' (c) man with mic in front of Thealoz Duo package (r)

‘Mine stopped when I quit my job’: Doctor shares reasons why your eye may twitch—and how to prevent it from happening

‘One person at my job left and it stopped.’

On Jun 7, 2024 by Vladimir Supica

Man talking(l+r), Tesla cybertruck(c)

‘Every place you go, it’s going to take 10-15 longer’: Cybertruck owner shares the 5 things he hates about the vehicle

‘6. It’s a complete eyesore.’

On Jun 7, 2024 by Nina Hernandez

bop tiktok meaning - Woman 1 talking(l), Man talking(c), Woman 2 talking(r)

‘Can’t Let the Gang Know I FW This,’ ‘Bop,’‘Hagmaxxer,’ and more: 5 new slang words from TikTok, explained

‘Wait am I a bop.’

On Jun 6, 2024 by Ljeonida Mulabazi

Dad feeds family of 6 at Chili’s for only $30

‘I would just rather not go out to eat if we have to do this’: Dad feeds family of 6 at Chili’s for only $30. Viewers are divided

And five other cheap family dinner hacks.

On Jun 6, 2024 by Vladimir Supica

Ford Maverick, Tesla X, BMW over yellow background

Ford Maverick, Tesla X, BMW, and more: 5 viral car fails that broke the internet this week

‘Thank God my bank didn’t approve me to get one of these I almost got.’

On Jun 5, 2024 by Ljeonida Mulabazi

hand taking meat from charcuterie board (l) man with hand on chest and captions '5 things I would avoid as a cancer doctor' and 'here's five things I would never do as a cancer doctor' (c) glass of whiskey with ice (r)

‘Whew. He didn’t say avoid Diet Coke’: Cancer doctor shares the 5 things he ‘would never do’

‘Even one glass of red wine at dinner is carcinogenic.’

On Jun 5, 2024 by Melody Heald

airplane landing (l) airport entrance with 'departures' and 'arrivals' lane, captioned 'POV: going to the departures entrance for airport pick ups' (r)

‘Keep this one a secret’: Woman shares super hack to picking up loved one at the airport

‘We gotta gatekeep some things y’all.’

On Jun 4, 2024 by Nina Hernandez

man mixing ingredients with caption 'how to get rid of flies in your house!!'

‘These flies nowadays are super bold’: Man shares how to get rid of flies in your house. It only takes 3 household ingredients

‘This is key.’

On Jun 4, 2024 by Nina Hernandez

The Simpsons looking scared

Just a few of ‘The Simpsons’ predictions that actually came true

Springfield saw it first!

On Jun 3, 2024 by Angela Andaloro

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