Mechanic calls new Ford engine the ‘worst design to date.’

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‘I thought we were past this’: Mechanic calls new Ford engine the ‘worst design to date.’ Here’s why

‘This is what happens when the manufacturer doesn’t care anymore.’


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A mechanic encountering what he characterizes as a new Ford Maverick declared it to be “the worst design to date,” using choice adjectives like “sh*tty” and “complex” and “throwaway” to underscore his point.

The video comes from a mechanic posting to TikTok as California WTF Car Club (@californiawtfcarclub). His analysis of the Maverick’s hose-festooned engine landscape has received more than 73,400 views since going up on Thursday.

He observes, “Here’s the Ford Maverick, and when you open the hood and you see something like this, you’re just like, ‘What? I thought we were past this.’”

“Look at this,” he then exclaims. “There’s no words to describe how terrible this looks to me and there are much better f*cking automobiles doing much better things with the f*cking hoses and engineering and whatnot.”

He then decries various “fails” in the engine design, especially critical that it requires working through “breakable plastic” just to get to parts of the engine that need repair.

“Unbelievable amount of f*cking work,” he assesses. “Just stupid sh*t.”

He saves his ending bit of vitriol for a small pipe he found while taking apart the engine. “Look at this f*cking little pipe. Some engineer got paid a lot of money to make that f*cking stupid little pipe. Awesome.”

@californiawtfcarclub This is by far the worst design to date. They just keep getting more fucking shitry and complex and throw away. Total trash. #ford #maverick #condenser #ac #hvac #1234yf #cluster ♬ original sound – CaliforniaWTFCarClub

Car and Driver actually loved the 2024 Ford Maverick in its review, giving the small pickup a very favorable 10/10 review. Regarding the engine, it stated, “Ford has dropped in a spunky 250-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder and an eight-speed automatic transmission; all-wheel drive is optional with this powertrain. A hybrid powertrain is optional and consists of a 2.5-liter four-cylinder that’s assisted by an electric motor for a combined 191 horsepower.”

It did not mention anything about the hoses, but commenters had thoughts.

“It’s not about making mechanics happy,” one offered. “It’s all about making shareholders happy.”

Another said, “And in 5 years that pipe will be sold out never to be made again.”

Someone else chimed in, “Naw you’ll find one that kinda sorta fits on Amazon from China that’ll break in a week.”

Another said it was indicative of something larger, professing, “So anybody who opens a hood can understand why there’s a huge shortage of willing young mechanics coming into the craft. Just look!”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok direct message and to Ford via email.

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