Ljeonida Mulabazi

Ljeonida is a reporter and writer with a degree in journalism and communications from the University of Tirana in her native Albania. She has a particular interest in all things digital marketing; she considers herself a copywriter, content producer, SEO specialist, and passionate marketer. Ljeonida is based in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Goodwill Store

‘Please go return those’: 5 times Goodwill shoppers got scammed

‘You’re not fooling us Goodwill.’

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5 Airbnb horror stories

‘Hidden cams. Call police and a lawyer’: 5 Airbnb horror stories that left guests wishing they’d gotten a hotel

‘Count your freaking days, Airbnb.’

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Costco surrounded by money

‘I do NOT need to know this’: 5 Costco shopping tricks for your next run

‘I had Costco for ages and I never paid attention’.’

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Black Friday Kbeauty deals

‘It’s like a war zone out there’: 5 skincare warnings from TikTok dermatologists and estheticians 

‘Not the retinol wipes.’

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Hand holding champagne on plane

⁠’Having a foreign car is not for the weak’: 5 stories showing why ‘luxury’ isn’t always the best play

‘I will NOT be purchasing jimmy choo.’

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Honda car lot with thumbs down

‘RIP GOAT’: 5 reasons why Hondas are falling out of favor—according to TikTok 

‘Get a Tesla over a Honda accord.’

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Couple hugging while guy is kissing another woman

‘I would be so feral’: 5 of the wildest cheaters who got exposed on TikTok

‘I’ve never been more invested.’

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Hand holding phone taking picture of food

‘That is damn good’: 5 TikTok food recreations you should make immediately 

‘Better than the original.’

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An Amazon delivery driver and his van are seen in a neighborhood parking lot in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

‘I didn’t know this and I order constantly!’: 5 home delivery tips straight from Amazon drivers

‘This is how you do it.’

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Money flowing into ipad with shopping bags in the background

‘Thank me later’: 5 tricks to save big when shopping for clothes online


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Houses on HOA blocks

‘Lawyer up and quick. They could take your house’: 5 HOA horror stories

‘Everyday I’m reminded of why I’m so grateful we don’t have an HOA.’

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Breakup of couple with man and sad girlfriend outdoor. Divorce, couple, love, pain concept.

‘The lows are getting lower’: 5 of the worst breakups ever

‘That was a red flag i didn’t know existed.’

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Truck vehicle on fire burning in flames billowing smoke destroyed on roadway

‘It was so traumatic’: 5 nightmare car rental stories that’ll make you think twice

‘Had tires blow out on the highway.”

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Neighbor peeking over fence surrounded by flames

‘Call the cops’: 5 viral neighbors from hell who left us shook

‘My blood is boiling for you.’

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woman speaking in car hand on shoulder (l) woman speaking in car finger pointing (c) woman speaking in car pointing to herself (r)

‘Are you single?’: 5 creepy job interviews that crossed the line

‘This happened to me in 3 interviews it’s crazy fr how common this is.’

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