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‘Stop getting ice with your drink’: 5 travel tips to fly by from flight attendants

‘Listen to me or don’t. I’m just trying to save u.’


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With millions of Americans planning their summer vacations, airlines anticipate a particularly busy season. 

U.S. airlines expect to carry 271 million passengers from June 1 to Aug. 31, a 6.3% increase from last summer that would set a new record, as reported by CNN.

To accommodate the rising demand, CNN claims that airlines in the U.S. will offer more than 26,000 scheduled flights a day, which is nearly 1,400 more daily flights than summer 2023. 

If you’re planning a trip this summer that includes air travel, it’s wise to be prepared. Below, we’ve listed five pieces of advice flight attendants have for you to prepare you for your travels. 

Do this to get free drinks 

Flight attendant shares secret for getting extra swag, drinks, travel status
Cierra Mistt/Youtube

TikToker and flight attendant Cierra Mistt (@Cierra_Mistt) has some insider tips to score extra perks like free drinks, upgrades, and more.

In her popular YouTube tutorial, Mistt explains that a little kindness can go a long way. “Instead of getting a $5 gift card for every crew member, combine that money into one gift card,” she suggests.

Mistt says to wait until you’re in the air to hand the gift over, and she suggests you give it to the first flight attendant who serves you. 

Mistt notes, “You don’t have to insinuate anything. Just say, ‘I wanted to give you this to say thanks.’” According to her, this small gesture can lead to flight attendants going the extra mile for you, making sure you get special treatment, extra points, and even free food and drinks.

Another one of her other pro tips includes checking for a snack box at the back of the plane during long flights when regular service is paused.

“Instead of hitting your call button for seconds, walk to the back of the plane and see a giant snack box for any passengers to get,” she advises.

Don’t wear shorts or use the toilet paper

Flight attendants reveal how to get free water during boarding
SeventyFour/ShutterStock @carlielaurenn/TikTok (Licensed)

Flight attendant of five years, Cher (@cherdallas), shared some lesser-known airplane tips in a TikTok video

“Things I would never do as a five-year flight attendant,” she says, starting with the first one: wear shorts. 

“You’re going to freeze to death,” she warns, adding that in case of an evacuation through a slide, “Your butt cheeks are going to be sizzled off.”

Lastly, she advises fliers, especially ladies, against using the toilet paper in an airplane bathroom. “I promise you’re going to see water droplets on it, or what you think are water droplets,” she notes, urging passengers to “just use a Kleenex instead.”

“Listen to me or don’t. I’m just trying to save u,” she concludes.

Do this to get free water 

Flight attendant of 5 years says she would never wear shorts on a plane nor use the toilet paper
@cherdallas/TikTok Arseniy Shemyakin Photo/ShutterStock (Licensed)

Joining in on the popular “We’re X, of course we Y” TikTok trend, flight attendant Carlie (@carlielaurenn) and a co-worker share some insider tips.

If you’re wondering how to always get free water on an airplane, Carlier has your back. She states, “We’re flight attendants: We’ll bring you a water during boarding, but only if you tell us it’s because you need to take a pill.”

Carlie adds another piece of advice while walking through what appears to be Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. She says, “We’re probably gonna spoil you if you give us a Starbucks gift card.” 

So next time you fly, a little kindness and fibbing might just get you some special treatment.

Don’t appear too drunk

Flight attendant issues PSA to people who drink at the airport
@traveling.mermaidd/TikTok 大輔 山崎/Adobe Stock Svitlana/Adobe Stock (Licensed)

Be warned: Flight attendants are on the lookout for tipsy passengers.

In a TikTok video, a flight attendant under the username @traveling.mermaidd advises, “Please don’t make it noticeable when you get on the plane.”

She explains that flight attendants are “legally required to kick you off the airplane if you appear to be intoxicated.”

So if you’ve had a drink or two, play it cool. The FAA’s rules are strict, and they don’t allow for any wiggle room—so next time you’re at the airport bar, remember to enjoy responsibly.

Here’s what’s actually unclean on a plane

Flight attendant talking(l+r), Hands passing coffee on airplane(c)
YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV/Shutterstock @mukieeeeee/Tiktok (Licensed)

According to flight attendant Mukie (@mukieeeeee), if you’re worried about hygiene when flying, you might be too concerned with elements that are cleaned frequently. 

“Most people are taking the hand wipes and they’re cleaning off the tray tables. No. Those [have] usually already been cleaned, they’re routinely cleaned,” she explains. “What you need to clean is—what never gets cleaned—is the button that you use to recline, or if you’re sitting near a wall, that wall has not been cleaned.”

Mukie also suggests not using the airplane ice, saying “Your biggest thing: stop getting ice,” she advises. “You don’t know how the flight attendants are preparing the ice…Stop getting ice with your drinks.”

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