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‘Panera did it better with the death lemonade’: Customer receives 4 free coupons for new Dunkin’ ‘Sparked’ seltzer

'It literally hurts to drink, idk.'


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Posted on Apr 6, 2024   Updated on Apr 6, 2024, 8:17 pm CDT

In a recent TikTok clip viewed over 67,000 times, Lexi (@lexi_overland) delves into her experience with Dunkin’s latest beverage innovation, SPARKD’ Energy. With a mix of intrigue and skepticism, Lexi shares her initial impressions and taste test of the Berry SPARKD’ Energy, highlighting the unique aspects of this new caffeinated concoction from Dunkin’. “Within the past two days, I’ve gotten four [free coupons for SPARKD’ Energy by Dunkin’], and I don’t know why,” Lexi begins, setting the stage for her exploratory sip into Dunkin’s venture into the energy drink market.

Lexi’s candid review captures the essence of a first-time consumer’s experience with SPARKD’ Energy: “I’m kind of nervous because I haven’t actually tried it yet… It tastes like it doesn’t leave as strong an aftertaste as it initially hits.”

Her feedback touches on the drink’s seltzer-like quality and high carbonation, which appear to diverge from her beverage preferences: “I don’t know if I can get into that, bro.”

Further experimentation in her apartment leads Lexi to a realization, “So now, I’m in my apartment, and I added more water to it, which honestly made it taste better.” This adaptation suggests that the initial mix may have been too concentrated for her taste, possibly due to an overabundance of syrup. Moreover, Lexi parallels an unexpected flavor profile, likening SPARKD’ Energy to the taste of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, a comparison that underscores the beverage’s distinctive taste.

“It looks like you got sent to a whole new dimension after your first sip,” joked one commenter. Lexi replied, “I did.” Another claimed, “The peach is sm better imo; the berry tastes like blueberry Red Bull to me.”

“It literally hurts to drink, idk,” said another person.

“Panera did it better with the death lemonade,” said one detractor.

Dunkin’s introduction of SPARKD’ Energy comes as the brand seeks to capture the growing market for energy drinks, offering an alternative to traditional coffee with a burst of caffeine (144mg in the medium size), vitamins, and minerals. Available in two fruit-flavored options, Berry Burst and Peach Sunshine, SPARKD’ Energy represents Dunkin’s effort to diversify its menu and cater to consumers seeking a different kind of energizing drink. As Dunkin’ rolls out this new line, Lexi’s review serves as an insightful glimpse into the potential reception of SPARKD’ Energy among Dunkin’ aficionados and newcomers alike.

The new beverage is particularly striking given its competitor, Panera, faced legal challenges over its Charged Lemonade. Panera has encountered three lawsuits alleging that the high caffeine content in their drink resulted in two fatalities and severe health issues for another customer.

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Despite Lexi’s mixed feelings, the rollout of SPARKD’ Energy by Dunkin’ underscores the brand’s innovation and its response to consumer trends. As the energy drink market grows, Dunkin’s foray into this segment with SPARKD’ Energy may attract a new customer demographic, eager for a crafted beverage that promises energy and enjoyment.

The Daily Dot has contacted Lexi and Dunkin’ for comment.

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*First Published: Apr 6, 2024, 10:00 pm CDT