Woman details her date with a man 10 years older.

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‘It’s called chivalry’: Woman details her date with a man 10 years older. Viewers think he’s love bombing her

'Make sure he is single!'


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Posted on Dec 3, 2023   Updated on Dec 3, 2023, 3:41 pm CST

A woman on TikTok detailed her experience of going on a date with a man who is a decade her senior, sparking a debate about “love bombing” in the comment section.

The user, who goes by @softavacodo on the video-sharing app, posted a video on Dec.1, in which she recounted how her date went.

“I went on the first date last night with a guy that’s 10 years older than me. And I wanted to tell you guys how it went. So I was a few minutes late because that’s just my life,” she said.

She continued, describing the man as appearing a bit nervous. However, what really caught the viewer’s attention was an unexpected gesture. “He had a rose for me, which, I’ve never been on my first date with someone where I’ve gotten a flower,” she said.

The TikToker addressed the potential concern of “love bombing,” stating, “I don’t see it as a love bombing thing. I think it was just a nice gesture. He’s a little bit older, and he’s a little bit old school.”

She noted, “There was no awkward silences, and it just felt like the night went by super quickly, which sometimes when I meet guys for the first time, it feels like it drags on. So I think that’s a good sign.”

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The video has amassed more than 500,000 views. In the comments section of the video, viewers shared their opinions on whether the man’s gesture was just chivalrous or over the top.

One user wrote, “Bro came strong with the rose. A single one is no love bomb. Just classy.”

Another chimed in, saying, “This love bombing thing is so crazy. Like sometimes a guy just really likes you. Some of us are just raised right. It’s chivalry.”

However, skepticism was not absent, with one user cautioning, “Best of luck. Make sure he is single!”

“10 yrs is too much,” another remarked.

A third shared, “I went on a date with a woman 20 yrs older than me.. Turns out she has 3 other lovers, and I was going to be her 4th lover…”

“I usually give them an origami rose made out of my bank statement on the first date,” one more commenter wrote jokingly.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @softavacodo via TikTok direct messages for comment.

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*First Published: Dec 3, 2023, 4:30 pm CST