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Newsletter: DoorDasher error elicits bizarre response

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Kira Deshler


Posted on Oct 9, 2023   Updated on Oct 10, 2023, 7:12 am CDT

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Hello fellow citizens of the internet! Kira here. Welcome to today’s edition of web_crawlr

Today’s top stories are about: a woman who received a strange response from a delivery driver when her food arrived at the wrong house, a model’s viral video of the worst date she’s ever been on, how Britney’s Spears’ knife-dancing video helped a local business, and the Trump campaign’s petty gift for Nikki Haley

After that, check out Mikael’s favorite security tools in his “Your Password Sucks” column. Also, be sure to answer our question of the day and discover what other readers thought about last week’s question. 

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⚡ Today’s top stories

‘It’s part of life’: Woman shares DoorDash driver’s strange response after delivering to the wrong address

A woman ordered dinner from DoorDash but the food was delivered the wrong house. When she contacted the driver, his response was perplexing.


‘I’ve literally had multiple men do this to me’: Model records ‘worst’ date she’s ever been on

A woman on TikTok went on a date that was so bad (and downright offensive), she decided to record it for posterity. He wants her to take the video down – she says no way. 


Britney Spears’ knife-dancing video went viral and received the meme treatment, but it also helped out a prop shop in L.A.


Trump campaign sends birdcage to Nikki Haley’s hotel room after former president branded her ‘birdbrain’

She didn’t appreciate the gift.


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🔒 Your Password Sucks

By Mikael Thalen
Staff Reporter

In Body Image

Today, Mikael reveals his favorite security tools.

Do you have an internet security question you want answered? Well, you are in luck!

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🕸️ Crawling the web

Here is what else is happening across the ‘net.

✈️ Flight delays are incredibly common. Most of the time, an airline will claim that these delays are due to weather. However, this isn’t always actually the case, according to TikTok user and flight attendant.

🚰 In a viral video, a Starbucks barista marveled that a customer ordered blended water and then demonstrated why it was such a fail.

🍽️ How long is too long to wait for your restaurant bill after you’ve asked your server for it? 10 minutes? 20 minutes? At what point do you start to ask for your ticket again so you can pay it and move the heck on with your day?

🎮 This twisted collection of microgames for Nintendo Switch is the must-have WTF party game on the console. * 

🤖 Introverts rejoice. Turns out Subway, the popular sandwich chain, is integrating humanless drive-thru windows into some of its drive-thru locations. People online are conflicted over whether they love it or hate it.

🍔 In a viral video, a Burger King worker suggests her job is “easy money” because the Burger King she works at rarely has customers

🎯 A Target worker is going viral for saying the store got rid of its exchange policy, which left customers confused

💼 Everyone knows landing a job can be difficult. However, for one woman it appears that keeping it was even harder.

📺 From the Daily Dot archive: What do users actually want from streaming services

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👋 Before you go

Today’s dating world is full of red flags, so when someone has a tip that could help people avoid a bad dating situation, the internet tends to listen.

In a viral video, a TikToker explained why people in the dating world should ask this one cat-related question. Some viewers aren’t convinced about this hack’s effectiveness.

In the video, influencer Zamaria Thompson (@happyfitzam) shares that she has a theory about what a person’s reaction means when they’re asked about cats.

Dating expert says you should always ask how they feel about cats.
@happyfitzam/TikTok Nils Jacobi/ShutterStock (Licensed)

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*First Published: Oct 9, 2023, 10:30 am CDT