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‘Wait I never noticed the stars’: Cracker Barrel server says she’s a 4-star. What does that mean?

'i work at cracker barrel! of course they haven’t given me my 2 star apron yet.'


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Posted on Jan 17, 2024   Updated on Jan 16, 2024, 2:55 pm CST

A Cracker Barrel employee recently posted a humorous skit with her co-workers that sparked a question: What do the stars on their aprons mean?

TikToker Chrissy (@southernbelle949) filmed a short clip while working her shift. Workers each took a turn adding onto the phrase, “I work at Cracker Barrel; of course, …” The video was viewed 1.3 million times as of publication.

Each phrase was humorous and pinpointed the unique environment of the American chain restaurant and gift store.

“I work at Cracker Barrel; of course, I’m a four-star,” a four-star server said.

A three-star server added, “I work at Cracker Barrel; of course, we flirt with the girl cooks.”

“I work at Cracker Barrel; of course, we don’t have any silverware,” a two-star server said while standing in the kitchen.

Many current and former workers commented on how real all of their statements were.

“I work at cracker barrel and the accuracy lol,” one said.

A former dishwasher shared, “I washed dishes at cracker barrel saw a fellow dishwasher slap a server with a tray.”

“I worked at cracker barrel for 6 years and we NEVER had silverware lol,” a third joked.

Multiple viewers asked, “What do the stars stand for?”

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A four-star Cracker Barrel server explained the stars in the /r/NoStupidQuestions subreddit. “Basically, the stars is a way of designating who has more experience, training and of course superiority over others,” they wrote.

The Redditor continues by saying that no-star employees have to take online quizzes and trial runs to move from “recruit that isn’t truly a member” to officially becoming a server. Once a server progresses to two, three, and four stars, they are given more tasks and responsibilities, the Redditor says.

“Just like before, you get to these by taking PAR exams online (they essentially run you through proper methods of cleaning up your stations, proper table setting, and it makes sure you know your stuff about the individual food options as well. It really isn’t difficult though after months if not years of doing the same thing,” the Redditor elaborated.

Four-star servers are reportedly a step below managers in respect and ranking. They train new recruits, are asked questions, and help the managers when they need advice.

According to Cracker Barrel’s website, the stars symbolize how far an employee has progressed through their PAR (Personal Achievement Responsibility) program.

“Each level teaches elements that are critical to an employee’s development and understanding of the Cracker Barrel culture,” the site states.

Cracker Barrel workers and customers are known to be quirky and fun. Once, a pair of best friends stuck an old-timey picture of themselves onto the mantle place in their local Cracker Barrel. Servers also posted how customers would order “waters all around” in goofy manners instead of nodding or not replying to their server’s drink question. They also praised the generous tippers who pop in to eat.

The Daily Dot reached out to Chrissy via TikTok comments and Cracker Barrel via email for further information.

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*First Published: Jan 17, 2024, 6:00 am CST