Chipotle says corporate is now telling them to look at customer's reaction when measuring scoops

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‘Do they look happy? Or disappointed?’: Chipotle says corporate is now telling them to look at customers’ reactions when measuring scoops

‘This is just blaming it on the employees.’


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A Chipotle worker made a viral post on Reddit alleging that the fast food chain was now telling its employees to, essentially, not skimp on portions.

The Redditor, u/Infinitegdz, posted a screenshot of an email apparently sent by their bosses which asserted that it was important to Chipotle’s leadership team that “guests are getting a meal… that aligns with the price they are paying.” As of Sunday morning, the post had 591 upvotes. 

“I have always hated skimping out on you guys even if my [general manager] tells me to skimp,” the worker, @Infinitegdz, wrote. “I still give out good portions… mainly because I put myself in y’all’s position and wouldn’t think it would be fair to pay for something and not receive what I paid for.”

The worker encouraged customers to “keep speaking out” about Chipotle’s infamously paltry portion sizes

The emailed screenshot was attached to the text from u/Infinitegdz. It’s not immediately clear who wrote the email, but the text said that it wanted “leaders” of their respective Chipotles to take an online course on “building entrees.”

The text said that workers should ensure guests receive full portions. “When you build entrees,” the email read, “the final question we ask the guest is, ‘Did we make this perfect for you?’”

“At the front line, look at the guest’s face,” it continued. “Do they look happy, or do they look disappointed?” It then posed a question to workers: would you be happy if you received that entree in your bag?”

Is Chipotle adding more food now?

Not necessarily. However, the text of the email said that Chipotle wants to ensure that customers are getting their money’s worth. 

According to a separate Reddit post, the portioning for various toppings and meats varies. White or brown rice, for instance, should weigh four ounces; meat should be portioned out at four ounces, too. Topping like queso blanco should be measured out at two ounces. Shredded cheese should be one ounce. 

Some Chipotle customers have complained about being served smaller-than-average portions by the chain, however. Even foodie influencer, Keith Lee, has stated that Chipotle “has not hit the same.” In May, a customer walked out mid-order because he did not think his portions were big enough. Some others participated in boycotting the chain

Chipotle CFO Jack Hartung previously claimed that the restaurant’s portion sizes are not shrinking. Still, customers are taking matters into their own hands. Beyond the boycott, others have advocated for recording Chipotle workers. Apparently, there’s an unverified theory that employees are more generous with portions if they spot a camera. One user, Chuck (@firstinflightfoodie), recorded his order asking users if they think Chipotle is now giving better scoops due to the boycott.

What’s the phone rule?

The Daily Dot previously reported on a TikTok by user Miss G (@tik.tok.teacher) who said she heard that Chipotle workers were instructed to overload burritos and bowls if guests were recording them being made.

The video led a number of content creators to make videos joking about how they planned on bringing phones and tripods to their neighborhood Chipotle. The chain hasn’t confirmed whether the phone rule is legit, but the Chipotle TikTok account recently posted a video poking fun at it.


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Chipotle workers and customers weigh in

U/Infinitegdz said he was thrilled that Chipotle leadership finally acknowledged the need for fair portions. In the past, though, other workers have defended Chipotle’s portion sizes. 

Customers, however, haven’t been convinced. Even this latest email screenshot from u/Infinitegdz didn’t convince them that the company would live up to its word. 

“I won’t be happy until they are forced to weigh the protein portions,” one Redditor commented. 

“I don’t trust this,” another wrote. 

“It’s as simple as using a measuring spoon,” a third person said. 

Others encouraged customers to continue their boycott. 

“The corporate harassment seems to be working guys!” one person wrote. 

“Keep boycotting them,” another agreed. “I learnt how to make Chipotle at home.” 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chipotle by email.

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