Customer tests theory that Chipotle is now giving out better scoops amid boycott


‘I think that they are starting to listen’: Customer tests theory that Chipotle is now giving out better scoops amid boycott

‘Thats a 17 dollar bowl where I am.’


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Chipotle’s been getting slammed on social media for being in its “flop” era—a time when customers say the Mexican-style chain has abandoned its once generous portion sizes.

Apart from criticisms, the chain allegedly gives mobile orders less food and generally jack up the prices of all of its wares. And then there’s the fact that the company has started charging for some of its sauces, like the Honey Vinaigrette—a decision that has prompted some guests of the franchise to swear off eating there forever.

Why are people boycotting Chipotle?

As part of the ire directed towards Chipotle as of late, which has, despite the negative publicity, been great for the restaurant’s bottom line, many have urged folks to outright boycott eating there until the brand changes its ways and starts offering more food to diners.

Chuck (@firstinflightfoodie) a TikToker and food enthusiast said they wanted to see what Chipotle’s portions looked like in person after hearing all of the hate online. After seeing the size of the scoops being doled out to him in his clip, viewers believe the chain is finally listening to the boycott.

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“I wanted to see myself if Chipotle was really skimping out on these bowls,” Chuck says in his TikTok. So I drove on down to the nearest Chipotle.”

He records himself ordering a bowl inside a Chipotle, asking for brown rice and black beans.

The worker then takes what appears to be a heaping scoop of protein into his bowl before setting the spoon back into the stainless steel container. It’s a stark contrast to what other users have recorded and complained about on the app. One English TikToker wanted to see if American consumers were being dramatic about the amount of food they weren’t receiving. He ended his video by cursing out Chipotle for what he thought was a minuscule serving of chicken in his bowl.

Chuck paused the clip to explain his order.

“Now I always do double chicken, big scoop, little scoop, no matter cost I’ll pay it,” he explains. “But I always get an item in between asking for my double scoop just to see how much the first scoop is gonna be.”

He then asks viewers for their input, saying, “But what do you think about the first scoop? And what do you think about the second one?”

He gets a serving of veggies after his initial scoop of protein before requesting an additional scoop in his bowl. He then asks for corn, extra cheese, sour cream, and a side of guacamole. The bowl appears piled high with ingredients—the worker asks Chuck if he wants anything else on it before he tells them that he’s done.

Chuck places his order on a table outside to survey what he ultimately ended up with for $9.85.

“This was the price, I got a side of guac,” he says, showing the receipt before uncovering the bowl. “Be sure to let me know what you think. Do you think Chipotle has been listening are they starting to give better scoops, better portions?”

Is Chipotle giving better scoops?

There were a ton of commenters who definitely thought the chain was hearkening back to its glory days after viewing Chuck’s clip.

“That chipotle doesn’t look bad at all, def not skimping on portions it seems,” one person wrote.

One person was shocked at the price, writing, “9.85?????????? How????” which was a sentiment echoed by someone else who said, Thats a 17 dollar bowl where I am.”

A TikToker pointed out in the comments that he wasn’t charged for any of the extras, despite getting double meat and a side of guacamole.

Someone else replied, “Good portions looks like to me.”

Chuck’s video isn’t the only one where customers claim to see the results of the boycott manifesting in different locations, with employees scooping more protein into the bowls and burritos of diners. One customer earlier this week shared their hefty Chipotle bowl, urging folks to not stop boycotting after merely “four days.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chipotle and Chuck via email for further comment.

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