Chipotle customer orders really simple bowl. They still messed it up

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‘That’s why you gotta go inside sister’: Chipotle customer mobile orders ‘the simplest’ bowl. The worker still messed it up

'That was personal.'


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Posted on Dec 31, 2023   Updated on Dec 31, 2023, 12:20 pm CST

In a viral TikTok video, user Swagney (@swagwesh) has gathered over 2.9 million views with her critique of a Chipotle order gone awry. Titled, “Your Move Chipotle,” the video comically, yet critically, captures Swagney’s dismay over her sadly disproportionate Chipotle bowl.

Swagney’s request was simple but somehow got lost in translation.

“A bowl, brown rice. The simplest order you could ever have,” she says. “Brown rice, chicken, no beans, lettuce.”

Expecting a well-balanced meal, she instead received “literally a bowl of rice and a mountain of sour cream with, like, a sprinkle of chicken.”

Swagney’s incredulous reaction, “What the f*ck is wrong with you? I’m, like, gonna actually start crying. I hate you, whoever did this. I f*cking hate you!” had other users screaming “preach!” from the rooftops, putting on full display the odd relationship between expectation and reality.

The TikTok community had a field day with Swagney’s Chipotle fiasco. While some empathized with Swagney’s Chipotle catastrophe, others couldn’t help but find humor in the situation.

“Your Chipotle order itself is shameful,” one user teased, while another playfully remarked, “Idk looks perfect to me,” goading her.

Yet, some shared their grievances, with comments like, “It’s been so bad lately” and practical advice such as, “That’s why you gotta go inside sister.” Which brings us to…going inside.


Your move chipotle

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Swagney’s ordeal underscores the fast-casual dining model’s vulnerability when translated into online orders. Chipotle, a pioneer of this model, promised fresh, quality ingredients with a transparent preparation process. However, the rise of online ordering platforms like Uber Eats and DoorDash has introduced a disconnect between the customer’s desires and the final product received. One extreme example is when a customer found their order soaked and half empty.

Although there have been customers who’ve accused Chipotle of giving precedence to online orders, it seems there have been instances where the chain has shown more love to diners who order on-site. One Reddit user racked up over a thousand upvotes on the site’s r/Chipotle sub after uploading a picture of an order they placed inside the store: the takeaway plate appears to have been packed with multiple portions.

“Never order online. Many times, chipotle will skimp you,” they wrote. “Look at this order in person. Brown rice, extra pinto, extra fajita, extra steak, pico, hot, sour cream, corn, extra cheese. Got a phat bowl.”

It doesn’t help, either, that some Chipotle employees have revealed that they’ve been instructed by management to intentionally “half scoop” portions on online orders.

In essence, Swagney’s TikTok video is more than just a fiery monologue about a food order; it’s a reflection of the evolving dynamics in the food industry. It is a viral (and entertaining) example of the potential pitfalls of online ordering, hopefully sparking some reflection:  to go inside or not to go inside?  

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chipotle and Swagney via email for comment.

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*First Published: Dec 31, 2023, 2:00 pm CST