Chili’s customers have to eat rice their with hands after being told there is no silverware

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‘They couldn’t have told you BEFORE you ordered?’: Chili’s customers have to eat rice with their hands after being told there is no silverware

‘Like if you closing down why not give the best experience?


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Chili’s has done it again: Seated a table after they placed an order only to tell them that there wasn’t any available silverware.

Just like the customers in the previously covered TikTok, Jo (@theelifeofjo) documented her reaction to being presented with this inconvenience in a viral clip where she had to eat her food with her hands.

Jo speculates that perhaps this lack of silverware may have something to do with Chili’s allegedly going out of business (which doesn’t appear to be true).

“POV: CHILIS CLOSING in dif locations and told us last minute they had no silverware,” a text overlay in the video reads. The woman dips her fingers into the plate, digging into the rice and feeding herself with her hand.

Viewers commented that they wouldn’t have stood for the lack of cutlery at the Chili’s location.

@theelifeofjo 😩we had js left da gym man I was hungry no cap #chilis #hungry #food #starving #almostdead ♬ original sound – Jo

“The way I woulda asked for the spoon that stirred the pot,” one person remarked.

Someone else wrote, “Yea go ahead and get me a to go box please, cuz wat??!?”

One user asked the obvious question: How did the Chili’s not even have packs of plastic cutlery? “Not even plastic silverware they can’t be fr,” they said.

According to a comment from Jo, plastic cutlery was only reserved for customers buying takeout orders, writing, “NOT EVEN !!!! It was only for takeout and the waiter was taking his Job too serious …. Like bruh it’s only 2 ppl you can give us something.”

Is Chili’s closing down?

Jo’s TikTok post is one of many that avers Chili’s is shutting down all of its locations. However, it appears that these claims are false.

According to 9 News, “No, Chili’s is not closing all of its locations,” and even referenced a tweet from the chain that responded to someone’s memorium post for the popular casual chain.

The franchise’s official X account also responded to another user to let them know that they wouldn’t be going out of business:

9News wrote, “Chili’s remains in business and has not expressed any plans to close all of its locations,” stating that although “a few locations closed in 2024…[that] the chain has more than 1,000 locations that remain open worldwide.”

Other media outlets, in addition to Chili’s itself, have pushed back on the rumor that it’s going out of business for good.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Chili’s via email and the creator via TikTok comment.

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