Customer says she doesn’t go to bars because Chili’s has everything

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‘Chili’s is just that girl’: Customer says she doesn’t go to bars because Chili’s has trick-o-ritas, bottomless soup—and you can talk

'going to the bar is OUT. Chili’s is IN'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Oct 15, 2023

Why go to a loud, overpriced bar when you can just go to Chili’s? That’s the question a viral TikTok user posed to viewers as she made the argument for why a casual restaurant like Chili’s is the superior option over a bar. Viewers agree.

In the viral video, Tyler Howard (@tylerhoward58) is seen dining in a Chili’s with her friend. They have several plates of food, dips, and drinks on the table. “Why would we go to the bar when we could go to Chili’s?” Howard said.

@tylerhoward58 We’re gonna go to a bar just for it to be so loud we cant talk!! How are gonna spill tea ill be at chilis.. #chilis #daydrinking #bestie #bestiegoals #drunkatchilis #ballinonabudget ♬ Why would we go to the bar.. – Tyler Howard

Howard explains that being at the fast-casual dining spot allows them to talk “sh*t” over their plates of chicken tenders, fries, chips and salsa, and bottomless soup.

In addition to the food, they each have a festive Trick or Treat-A-Rita, which is a Halloween-themed margarita with tequila, vodka, and fresh sour and strawberry puree topped with their classic frozen margarita, as well as sweet and tart Halloween candies.

For young people, there can be pressure for a night out or catch up session with a friend to involve a loud bar with overpriced drinks and small, often not-so-tasty, bar snacks.

Howard’s video, which has earned more than 1.4 million views and nearly 1,000 comments, is resonating with people who are tired of the bar scene and would happily take the more peaceful by comparison atmosphere of a Chili’s and its food and drink deals over that of a bar.

In a comment, Howard shared that their total came out to less than $50 and “we were SMASHED lmao.”

“I have dealt with Chilis slander for YEARS. Glad I found others who appreciate a staple of our communities,” one of the top comments, liked more than 8,300 times, read.

“going to the bar is OUT. Chili’s is IN,” a person declared.

“was thinking about going to the bar tn, shittt chilis just might be the move for me,” another wrote, their weekend plans seemingly shifted by the TikTok.

The Daily Dot has covered a number of Chili’s related videos including one of a server who revealed how much she actually makes in tips and another of a customer praising the chain for keeping their food prices low.

The Daily Dot reached out to Howard for comment via TikTok DM.

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*First Published: Oct 15, 2023, 6:16 pm CDT