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‘Tell me why I can get a steak for $12′: Customer praises Chili’s menu prices, says inflation ‘didn’t hit’ the restaurant

‘In this economy ???’


Lauren Castro


A TikToker cracked the code for the best weekend: Chili’s Grill and Bar all-day happy hour. In a viral video, the creator Sasha (@sashiesashh) shared the unbeatable prices and their delicious drink specials.

The video has garnered over 1.4 million views as of Wednesday.

@sashiesashh PSA INFLATION DIDNT HIT CHILIS!!! They have happy hour all day saturday and sunday too😩 get to @chilisofficial ♬ original sound – S A S H A

“PSA INFLATION DIDN’T HIT CHILIS!!! They have happy hour all day Saturday and Sunday too,” she wrote in the caption. “Get to @chilisofficial ASAP.”

Sasha began the video by saying that she’s “drunk at Chili’s right now on a Saturday” and proceeds to praise the menu pricing.

“But, these prices are insane. Tell me why I can get a steak for $12. In this climate?” she says.

As some users pointed out in the comment section, the restaurant no longer offers the two for $20 deal. However, their new offer called “3 for me” includes a beverage, an appetizer, and an entree. 

According to Chili’s site, Happy Hour deals differ by location but most locations offer all-day happy hour specials Saturday and Sunday.

In the comments section, users discussed their opinions on the restaurant chain. 

“Welcome to chilis,” famous rapper Yung Gravy wrote, referencing a well-known Vine.

“Drunk at chilis is such a vibe lol,” another user commented.

Other viewers, however, were skeptical of the low prices, especially for the steak.

“Steak is $12 because it’s actually raccoon ankles, but imma still get it,” one user said. 

“Bro that steak is probably just asphalt,” another wrote.

“Every time I hear prices so cheap I instantly think about the quality of the food,” another commented.

To that, Sasha replied, “We go to get drunk hunny.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Sasha and Chili’s via email.

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