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‘That can is worth deposit money’: Woman shows Bubly can hack she uses while cleaning the kitchen

'Life changing, I know!'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jan 9, 2024   Updated on Jan 10, 2024, 4:21 pm CST

When cooking, an interesting problem can present itself: grease. While this accumulation of fat may be beneficial for flavor, it can be a pain to get rid of. Grease is flammable, frequently incredibly hot right after use, and should not be poured down drains due to its propensity to solidify and cause issues.

That said, some people are unaware of this latter point, leading to cities putting out public information campaigns about the best ways to dispose of grease.

“Do not pour cooking fats, oils and grease (FOG) down any drains or toilets,” advises the City of Columbus, Ohio. “FOG will clog sewer pipes, which can then cause costly sewer overflows and basement backups.” The page goes on to note several approved disposal methods, including wiping the grease with a paper towel and tossing it in the garbage, or “pour[ing] the grease into a lidded container with wood shavings or cat litter to throw in the trash.”

Another method of grease disposal recently sparked discussion after it was posted to TikTok. In a video with over 361,000 views, TikTok user Jeunesse (@jeunesse_) shows how one can use a Bubly can—or “any can”—to assist in grease disposal.

According to Jeunesse, one must drink the contents of the can and then use a can opener to remove the top. At this point, one must pour their grease into the empty can, then put it in the freezer. This allows the grease to solidify and for it to be disposed of.

“It’s nasty…but imagine that,” she says, holding up a can full of hardened grease. “It wouldn’t be frozen, but it would be hardened in your pipes. You do not want that.”

In the comments section, users shared their methods for getting rid of grease.

“I wipe the pan with paper towel and put it in the compost bin,” said a commenter.

“I use a spaghetti jar, jam jar or whatever I have on hand,” stated another. “You can also put tinfoil in your sink drain, pour in the grease and just wrap up the tinfoil and throw out!”

“I have a silicone one that looks like a pig. I keep under the sink and use the grease for cooking. Has a [strainer] for the gross bits,” claimed a third.

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However, some offered ways Jeunesse’s method could be improved.

“That’s a refundable can. Use a soup can, tin foil in your sink drain so many other ways to do this,” wrote a user.

“That can is worth deposit money. Just use a pan or dish lined with foil. When it’s cool just pop the grease out to dispose,” echoed a second.

That said, others had a different solution altogether.

“I’m renting so it’s going down the sink,” declared a commenter.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jeunesse via TikTok direct message.

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*First Published: Jan 9, 2024, 8:00 am CST