BJ’s customer can’t believe what she received after ordering the ducky bathtub alcoholic drink 

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‘Refund!!’: BJ’s customer can’t believe what she received after ordering the Lucky Ducky bathtub alcoholic drink

‘Probably bc ppl steal the bathtubs.’


Melody Heald


BJ’s Brewhouse customers can order a Lukcuy Ducky drink for a limited time. This alcoholic beverage is made up of Malibu coconut rum, ABSOLUT mandarin vodka, Bols peach schnapps, Bols blue curacao, Monin sweet and sour, pineapple juice, Starry lemon-lime soda, fresh lemon… and lime in a small bathtub with a small duck in it. However, a woman compared the expectation vs. reality of the Lucky Ducky drink after hers didn’t come in a bathtub as advertised.

“I’m literally crying my eyes out right now,” TikTok user Vianca (@viancacastro) says, zooming in on the picture of the Lucky Ducky drink on the menu. Then, she unveils what she received. Instead of a bathtub, her drink is in a round fishbowl cup with the duck hanging out of the lime. “This is what I wanted, OK? The pastels. And this is what I got,” she says, laughing.

Vianca explains in the caption, “Apparently they ran out of bathtubs. Are y’all stealing them before I even had the chance to?

The Daily Dot reached out to Vianca via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment as well as BJ’s Brewhouse via press email. The video racked up over 570,000 views. Viewers in the comments section joked about what they would do.

“I would have been like no, don’t want unless it’s in the tub,” one viewer remarked.

“Refund!!” a second stated.

“[Suing] im being that person I WANT THE BUBBLE BATH TOO!!!!” a third said.

In addition, others agreed with Vianca about people stealing the bathtubs.

“Probably bc ppl steal the bathtubs,” one user commented.

“Bjs server here, we had to do this at our restaurant too bc ppl stole our whole inventory lol we had to order more,” a second confirmed.

Are people stealing Lucky Ducky drink bathtubs?

Another woman recently went viral for debating the ethics of stealing a Lucky Ducky bathtub and duck toy. Instead of taking them, she experimented to see how her waitress would react if she did.

@viancacastro Apparently they ran out of bathtubs 🤨 are y’all stealing them before I even had the chance to ? 😩 #bjs #theluckyducky ♬ OG THE PASTELS – Kneely_Knight

Viral novelty items all the rage at America’s casual dine-in chains

Some people believe these novelty items are souvenirs. Previously, an Applebee’s customer had her Bacardi Bucket confiscated thinking it was theirs to take. Moreover, some people ask to keep these novelty items. For example, Outback Steakhouse’s breadboard, Texas Roadhouse’s bread basket, and Olive Garden’s cheese grater are all quietly available for purchase at participating restaurants.

If last summer was all about the Outback Steakhouse shark cocktail, summer 2024 is being defined by the bathtub duck at BJ’s.

Your move, Chili’s.

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