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‘What if they have to pay for it?’: Viewers split if OK for BJ’s customer to steal the ‘Lucky Ducky’ bathtub cup

‘I feel like the ducky was fair game tho.’


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If you’ve ever wanted to get wasted and sing Ernie’s “Rubber Duckie” but wanted a drink that matched that specific type of energy, then you should probably head on over to BJ’s and try this specialty cocktail: the Lucky Ducky. The popular restaurant chain packs Malibu Coconut Rum, ABSOLUT Mandarin Vodka, Bols Peach Schnapps, Bols Blue Curacao, Monin Sweet and Sour, pineapple juice, Starry Lemon-Lime Soda, into a little bathtub-shaped cocktail glass.

To top it all off, two fresh slices of lemon and lime garnish the drink with a little rubber ducky toy placed on top of it. It’s cute. It’s fun. It’s boozy. And it’s got everything to make a kleptomaniac very anxious during dinner.

That’s according to a TikToker who goes by Heavn (@heavnwithu) who uploaded two videos that garnered over 3 million views each where she expressed her intense desire to steal the little bathtub and duck that the Lucky Ducky beverage comes in.

In the first video, she writes in an overlay: “try not to steal challenge HARD” before stating: “Guys I’m a klepto—recovering kleptomaniac and this little guy is calling my name, this little beautiful bathtub is calling my name. I just wish it was filled with pee instead,” she says as she pokes around inside of the tub cup with a black plastic straw.

However, Heavn revealed in a follow-up video that she was ultimately able to resist her dark urges and not steal the bath tub or the little duck toy that it came with. But, the TikToker stated she engaged in a “social experiment” to see how her server would react to thinking that she did, indeed, take the tub cup.

“didn’t steal the tub cuz I did a social experiment and hid it to see if our awesome waitress would notice and she seemed sad so i put it back and tipped 65% I’m sorry queen if u see this I wasn’t gonna take it,” the text overlay in the video reads followed by a crying emoji and three broken heart ones.

They further expounded upon their guilt in a caption for the video which reads: “i feel like a villain IM SORRY.”

Is it OK to steal novelty cups at casual dine-in restaurants like BJ’s?

One commenter who responded to Heavn’s video explained how they would let customers get away with stealing specialty cups: “When i was a server at a popular chain (where u couldnt buy the cup) if tables asked to buy them i would say ‘nah but if u tip an extra 10 i wont notice when u put it in ur purse.’”

Someone else replied, however, that after she left such a large tip to the server that she effectively did pay for the tub cup, so she shouldn’t feel any guilt whatsoever for swiping the tub and duck: “Girl after that tip you basically paid for it take it.”

Which was a sentiment echoed by another user who replied that because BJ’s is such a large chain then she shouldn’t feel so bad about taking whatever it is she wanted to nab: “If it’s a large chain whatever take it lol. If it’s mom and pop put it back also 65% tip you shoulda kept it”

However, Heavn does believe there are karmic forces at work that are somehow keeping her in check when it comes to stealing, which she further explained in a follow up comment she left in response to her own video: “Also I don’t steal anymore cuz last time I did i immediately got into a car wreck 2mins later”

And there was another TikToker who left a comment that seemed to suggest Heavn, indeed, did the right thing in not stealing the tub and duck from BJ’s: “They 10000% blame servers for lost silverware and ramikens yall.”

One person said, however, that they had no problems with taking the tubs from BJ’s: “Me with 2 of those tubs just casually sitting in my kitchen”


such a silly little drink i could wash a small animal in it

♬ original sound – heavnwithu

And if you wanted a bathtub-shaped cup for yourself, the good news is that you can buy them online, even ones that you can customize with whatever logo or graphic you’d like. And yes, there are mini rubber duckies for sale too. Just, maybe don’t make these multi-purpose duckies, i.e. try not using them in the bath and then when you’re entertaining guests.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Heavn via TikTok comment and BJ’s via email for further information.

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