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‘Catch me everywhere with my laptop’: Bartender shares PSA to remote workers who ‘work-from-home’ at bars

‘Don’t ever be working-from-home [and] coming into my bar.’


Alexandra Samuels


A bartender recently shared a PSA on TikTok to remote employees who decide to work parts of their shift at the bar: knock it off. 

In a short clip, user Cody (@codybeuge) shares that he doesn’t want to see remote employees at the bar while he’s working because he’s somewhat jealous of their freedom. As of Monday morning, his video had over 267,000 views. 


Dont u EVER be a wfh girlie in my bar!! Im jealous.

♬ original sound – Little Gay Troll

“You work-from-home bitches are literally going to be the fucking death of me,” Cody tells viewers. “Don’t ever be working-from-home [and] coming into my bar.” 

Cody then shares a story about an alleged remote worker who came in at 1 p.m. and got drunk off Bloody Mary’s before taking a work call. 

“Next thing I know she’s in fucking work mode,” Cody says of the alleged encounter. 

The bartender did not share where he worked during the incident nor when the interaction took place. The Daily Dot has reached out to Cody via TikTok comment for more information.

In a follow-up video, Cody explains that he’s “jealous as hell” of remote employees who have the freedom to work from wherever. 

“She’s in the corner [at] 2:45 litty titty … meanwhile I’m on the other end of the bar shaking a skinny margarita for a doctor on a 15 minute lunch break,” he says. “I wish I was her.” 

In the comments, however, many viewers shared that they, too, are guilty of doing their jobs wherever they can—including at the bar. 

“Us WFH peeps take multi-tasking to a whole new level,” wrote one user. 

“Catch me everywhere with my laptop, hotspot, and on a teams call with a blurred background,” said another viewer. 

“I 100% prefer working lunches at bars,” read a third comment.

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