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‘I’m noticing a trend here’: Applebee’s endless wings goes wrong for customer after 3 plates

‘they make you wait so long in-between refills’


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“You can never have too much of a good thing,” is a saying we’ve all heard, and possibly used, at some point in our lives. But when it comes to eating three plates of Applebee’s endless boneless wings, too much of a good thing can easily go wrong. 

TikTok user Ellen (yesiamellen) and her friend Dylan (@dylanjc96) recently learned this lesson the hard way after downing as many of the fast-casual restaurant’s wings as they could muster.

@yesiamellen You good @Dylan Corcoran ? #endlessbonelesswings #applebees @Applebee's Grill + Bar ♬ original sound – Ellen

In a video, which has racked up a hefty 802,000 views since its posting, Ellen and Dylan embark on a journey with a plate of 10 boneless wings. At the start, Ellen asks Dylan how he’s feeling. “I’m ready,” he responds. But after a grand total of 22 boneless wings, Dylan isn’t as sure. During what should be a victorious moment, Dylan ends up red-faced and sweating. “It’s hotter than Satan himself,” Dylan says. Ellen diagnoses him with the dreaded “meat sweats.”

The term “meat sweats” refers to the increased perspiration a person experiences after eating high-protein foods. Popularized on the TV show Friends, it’s unclear if “meat sweats” is actually a medical phenomenon. Either way, it’s very real for Dylan, who caps his trip at Applebee’s off with a trip to the bathroom.  

Some in the comments were convinced that Applebee’s had conspiratorially developed a system to stop the spread of too much wing eating. One user asked, “Did they drag their feet bringing you the 2nd and 3rd plates? I swear mine was trying to slow it down but they underestimated my stomach’s patience.” Another bragged, “My friend and I ate 35 each.”

Regardless of the amount, the general consensus appears to be that garlic parmesan is the superior flavor. “Those garlic parms are [fire],” one user wrote. 

These friends aren’t the only ones celebrating the Applebee’s wing special. A group of friends sparked conversation by finding a way to sneak some wings home. Another woman says people are “sleeping” on what is in her opinion an amazing deal.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ellen and Dylan via TikTok and Applebee’s via email for comment.  

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