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‘Y’all sleeping’: Applebee’s customer says unlimited $12.99 boneless wings and fries ‘slapped.’ Here’s why

‘And they let us take the rest home’


Melody Heald


A woman is urging others to not sleep on Applebee’s $12.99 all-you-can-eat unlimited boneless wings and fries.

On a recent trip to Applebee’s, TikTok user Melissa (melissaojita), posted a video showing an ad for the chain restaurant’s unlimited boneless wings for $12.99.

“Don’t sleep on Applebee’s $12.99 unlimited wings and fries,” Melissa writes in the caption. “yall sleepin.”

@melissaojita yall sleepin 😮‍💨 #foodtiktok #applebees #wingstop #fypシ #viralvideo #wings #applebees #mukbang #yummy #florida #meme #miami #orlando #jacksonville ♬ fukumean – Gunna

In an interview with the Daily Dot, Melissa revealed that this took place at the J. Turner Butler location in Jacksonville, Florida. She stumbled across this deal on Applebee’s website while “searching for wing places.” Needless to say, she plans on ordering this again.

“Definitely would order again!” Melissa said via TikTok DM. “Our server at the JTurner location, Chelsea was the best server ever and she definitely needs a raise.”

The video amassed 1.5 million views since it was posted on Aug. 11. Views expressed their passion for boneless wings.

“It slapped. And they let us take the rest home,” one viewer said.

“Omg the honey pepper ones (fire emoji),” one second stated.

On the other hand, some were less than enthusiastic about the experience.

“Yeah 30 min after every plate and then when it arrived to the table was cold af,” one user remarked.

“Ain’t nobody sleepin on nothing you can have them wanna be nuggets,” a second commented.

In addition, one pointed out a discrepancy: “Mine only lets the person that ordered it eat the wings lol No sharing.”

When it comes to bulk orders from chains, viral reviews and gags have dominated social media in 2023. People are going to hospitals just to order food from the cafeteria, all-you-can-eat restaurant Gold Corral is clashing with customers over portion control; and customers are getting creative taking all that “unlimited” food home.

We’ve reached out to Applebee’s to see if it has any further unlimited menu plans or meal prep plans amid recent viral menu hacks on TikTok.

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