Amazon customer shares hack for how to actually save money instead of buying during sales

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‘Everything is more expensive on Prime Day’: Amazon customer shares hack for finding good deals instead of buying during sales

'Prime days are such a SCAM.'


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Posted on Nov 19, 2023   Updated on Nov 19, 2023, 10:15 am CST

When Amazon began its Prime Day promotion back in 2015, shoppers saw it as a great way to save money.

Now, however, much of the enthusiasm surrounding Prime Day has dissipated. For example, numerous users have pointed out that Prime Day deals are not, in fact, deals, as the prices before and on Prime Day are often the same

Now, another user has sparked a discussion after sharing her own method for getting deals on Amazon.

“Do not buy stuff from Amazon on the days that are, like, the ‘Prime Big Deal Days’ or the Big Box days,” advises TikTok user Lex (@lexxlatt) in a video with over 367,000 views.

@lexxlatt There are pretty solid deals on these special sale days, but alot of the time, you can find items at a fraction of the cost when theyve been returned after a large sale #amazonfinds #amazonbigdealdays #blackfriday2023 #blackfriday2023deal #amazonhacks2023 #fyp ♬ original sound – Lex

As for why, Lex notes that users frequently overbuy on days with big deals, and then end up returning the items without using them or only using them lightly.

This breadth of returned items presents an opportunity for shoppers, she says.

“When you go to put an item in your cart, [Amazon is] going to show you ‘see all buying options,’ and there’s going to be ‘like new—used,’” Lex explains. “Most of the time the stuff is in perfect condition. It was either touched by another human being or has a slight scratch.”

Lex then explains the various deals she’s received from utilizing this trick, from a $22 laptop case purchased for just under $7, to a treadmill attachment for $38, originally priced at $66.

In the comments section of Lex’s video, users shared their own success stories from using this hack.

“I got a $180 hood fan for $75 and it looks brand new, was still in the plastic/foam,” said a user.

“Bought a gaming headset like this after Valentine’s Day. $60 down to $12. literally still had the plastic on them, never worn,” recalled another.

“This is true i got a polaroid printer for like $50!!” exclaimed a third.

That said, many users simply complained about Amazon and its sales policies.

“Everything is more expensive on Prime Day. Literally my whole saved item list was 40% more expensive with a 25 or 30% sale,” alleged a user.

“I’m not using Amazon period,” declared a second.

The Daily Dot reached out to Lex via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Nov 19, 2023, 10:00 pm CST