jittleyang fuhuhluhtoogan meaning

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Are you a jittleyang or a fuhuhluhtoogan?

It’s time to pick a side.


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Are you a jittleyang or a fuhuhluhtoogan? Chances are, you may have come here after finding yourself lost when asked that very same question. These two bizarre words have taken certain corners of the internet by storm and left a lot of questions in their wake. So what’s the deal?

Where do ‘jittleyang’ and ‘fuhuhluhtoogan’ come from?

Credit for jittleyang (sometimes styled ‘jikkuhlang’) and fuhuhluhtoogan is generally thrown to rapper Bippleyipsnipp. In 2021, he posted a music video for his song “City Girls,” featuring lyrics that were almost entirely unable to be understood. This was partly blamed on his Baltimore accent, leading to the rap becoming more colloquially known as “The Baltimore Accent Song.”

Bippleyipsnipp has come to describe the words he used as “Jikkuhlang slang,” according to a book he published in March 2022.

As he spells the word ‘jikkulang’ and most of the internet spells it ‘jittleyang,’ some other sites have previously given credit to TikToker @syxontop for that particular word. In April 2022, he posted a video making fun of Baltimore accents alongside the caption “Wickallatookins ar backalatooking jittleyang.”

@syxontop Wickallatookins ar backalatooking jittleyang #syxmafia #baltimore ♬ original sound – THE JITTLEYANG

TikTok’s interest in these nonsense words seemed to grow over the course of 2023. This was likely due in part to barbershop videos Bippleyipsnipp kept posting to TikTok in which he spoke his Jikkuhlang slang while finishing up hair.


Heavy burnz😅😅😅

♬ original sound – bippleyipsnip clothing CO.

So…what do jittleyang and fuhuhluhtoogan mean?

That’s a great question! And the answer is that…nobody really knows. Suggestions on Urban Dictionary for “jittleyang” include that it means “nice breasts” or “sexy hot male thats attractive to other male species.” Both of these definitions currently have more downvotes from users than upvotes.

byu/TheMemeOfTheDay from discussion

Although the words are generally considered to be gibberish, some TikTokers have created their own lore surrounding them. This has included, among other things, making up definitions—or avoiding doing so.

@foodplushistory What are the Jittleyangs and Fuhuhluhtoogans #Fuhuhluhtoogan #jittleyang #lore #pig #angrybirds #bird #brainrot #brannourishment #satire #meme ♬ original sound – Brando
@seeitwright Replying to @Affogato cookie Wife #jittleyang #futuluhtoogan ♬ original sound – Who?
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Meme resurgence: ‘Are you a jittleyang or a fuhuhluhtoogan?’

The internet’s obsession with jittleyang and fuhuhluhtoogan sped up in early 2024, with the question “Are you a jittleyang or a fuhuhluhtoogan?”

This appears to have originally stemmed from a TikTok video in which @_shawwttyy filmed his kid sister asking this question.

Ever since then, people have been self-identifying as either jittleyangs or fuhuhluhtoogans, adding to the lore as they go.

@jonathan.roehm Sorry if this is controversial but it needs to be said #fuhuhluhtoogan #jittleyang ♬ original sound – Jonathan Roehm
@cheezeballtwinky not ok chat 😔 #romeoandjuliet #jittleyang #fuhuhluhtoogan #heartbreak #thisisnotabtjittleyangs #angrybirds ♬ original sound – Speedy Songsz
@syxontop Granny doesn’t get it gotta ask someone else #jittleyang #syxontop ♬ original sound – THE JITTLEYANG
@lessshatemorelove #jittleyang #fuhuhluhtoogan #fypシ ♬ 9 – Dean Blunt & Panda Bear
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