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PSA: It’s hot rodent boyfriend summer y’all

“If you liked short king spring you’ll love hot rodent summer”


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Hot rodent boyfriends are the internet’s latest obsession. And no, fortunately, we aren’t talking about actual anthropomorphic rats. These are actual men, lumped into a bizarrely titled group after people started realizing a good chunk of actors they find attractive have certain features in common.

So what, exactly, is the deal with these so-called hot rodent men? And how did we get here?

What is a hot rodent boyfriend?

A hot rodent boyfriend is essentially just an attractive man who, if compared to an animal, would have to fall into the mouse or rat range. His features may include an angular, narrow face, beady eyes, ears that stick out from somewhat unkempt hair, and something going on with his mouth and nose that just makes you feel like he could sprout whiskers and it would seem like the most appropriate turn of events.

Some claim these physical features are all one needs to be considered a hot rodent man. Others insist there’s more to it, but are still trying to pinpoint the type of personality that seals the deal. But it seems safe to say these fellas are a little odd, a little sweet, a little clever, and have a good sense of humor to tie it all together.

Where did the hot rodent boyfriend obsession come from?

Backing it up a bit, you might be wondering why we’re comparing men to mammals in the first place. A lot of people are throwing credit to this viral tweet from 2023 suggesting that men can either be handsome like eagles, bears, dogs, or reptiles:

Of course, comparisons to animals aren’t anything new (gay men would certainly like to have a word), but the internet’s interest in boxing guys into these specific classifications seems to be on the rise.

The interest in men who look like rodents, in particular, seems to have jumped in relation to the release of Challengers. The Zendaya-led movie also features two actors, Josh O’Connor and Mike Faist, who fall under the umbrella of hot rodent men.

Social media posts pointing out these comparisons started to gain traction following its April 2024 theatrical release. In May, Dazed called out the trend for what it is, prompting even more attention.

Examples of hot rodent men

If you’re still not sure exactly how to pick a hot rodent man out of a lineup, here are a few of the famous guys that people on the internet have claimed set the trend.

Josh O’Connor

Mike Faist

Timothée Chalamet

byu/diveful101 from discussion

Glen Powell

hot rodent boyfriend - glen powell tweet

Barry Keoghan

hot rodent boyfriend reddit

Other names, such as Jeremy Allen White and Kieran Culkin, have been thrown around as possible contenders, but the debate rages on. Matty Healy is also up for consideration, although some think he’s too toxic to fit the bill.

Hot rodent boyfriend memes

The trend is odd enough that it’s already prompted some amusing reactions from people ready to jump into the rat race.


Not everyone is on board with the whole thing. No matter how much of a compliment people claim comparing someone to a “hot rodent” is, some folks think it’s backhanded, at best.

hot rodent boyfriend tweet
hot rodent boyfriend tweet

But for anyone who just isn’t vibing with this whole hot rodent boyfriend thing, don’t worry. The internet’s attention span is short, and it undoubtedly won’t be long until everyone has moved on to the next thing. Even if it is just another round of comparing hot people to animals.

byu/diveful101 from discussion

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