Watch a drug dealer make pills for the Dark Net

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drugs from the dark net market agora

You can watch a crime being committed in real time.

Dark Net black markets are growing. The hidden websites are selling more illegal drugs than ever before, and they receive a huge amount of attention—even though the anonymous markets make up an infinitesimally small fraction of the global drug trade.

One dealer who goes by Quantik recently decided to shed some light on the process of selling on these markets. He or she posted a YouTube video showing off the laboratory that mass produces Xanax and other counterfeit pharmaceuticals to be sold on Agora, the biggest black market currently operating.

“Here is a video of our (previous) laboratory,” Quantik wrote. “We have since moved to a new, better place and no tracking/identifying information can be recovered from the video, so we felt safe to submit it. I also have authorisation of the people in the video, said they wouldn’t mind their voices being heard. Seems like producing illegal Schedule 4 pills in canada doesn’t bother them too much.”

Additionally, Quantik posted pictures of the new products’ packaging.

On Agora, Quantik sells 100 pills for about $180 worth of Bitcoins.


H/T Deep Dot Web | Photo via Agora

Patrick Howell O'Neill

Patrick Howell O'Neill

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