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Rely on these heroic keychains to help you stop losing your stuff

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We’ve all done it. We can’t find our keys, misplaced our wallet or purse, or can’t find our luggage at the airport. Fortunately, a foundmi can fix that problem for good.

Foundmi is a Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to anything and find it immediately with your smartphone. The cool factor comes into play with the exterior design of DC or Marvel superheroes or characters from Star Wars.

By downloading the app and pairing the tracker with a smartphone, you can find your valuables in an instant by triggering the tracker to send out an audio signal. If it is within Bluetooth range, the tracker will sing out and tell you where it is located.

If you are not in Bluetooth range, a map will show you where the foundmi was last spotted. It uses location services to record the last known location and displays it on a map on your phone.

It can also work in reverse. For example, if you’ve attached Wonder Woman to your keys and can’t find your phone, a double tap on her logo will send a signal to your phone to make it ring for you, leading you right to it.

There is also a selfie mode where your hero can take your picture for you. Set up your smartphone camera for the shot, and use the tracker to take the picture. No more long arm shots!

The trackers are a little bit larger than a quarter and won’t take up much more room in a pocket or purse. The device comes with its own keyring to attach to an existing set of keys.

It also comes with a battery and a double-sided cushioned sticker so the device can be places on nearly anything you want to track. The app can be downloaded through the Apple store or Google Play.

There are plenty of heroes (and villains) to protect your device and help you find it when it is lost. The real problem is choosing which one best represents you?

Foundmi start at $12.45 and can be purchased through Amazon.

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