pineapple slicer

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This pineapple slicer makes slicing the spiny fruit a breeze

Never let leathery skin or stubborn cores slow you down.


Jaime Carrillo

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Cutting down a pineapple into perfect slices takes Gordon Ramsay level knife skills. That is unless you have this amazing pineapple slicer.

Using it couldn’t be simpler. This stainless steel slicer’s ergonomic handle lets you plunge it perfectly into the core. As you turn, it slices the massive fruit into perfect rings, leaving the peel and core behind. Once you get to the bottom, simply slide it up and marvel at your golden fruit rings. Best of all, the knob and shaft separate with the push of a button for super easy cleaning. Sure, you could do all that by hand, but why?

This pineapple slicer is available online for $9.99.

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